July Blogging Challenge – Day 1 – Who Am I ?

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HMO-Header-1.pngMy friend Lynn over at This Day Has Great Potential has starting a lovely blogging challenge for July

I need this like I need….well you know. But I want to work on my blogging a bit so I figure joining a month long challenge for blogging daily will help to keep me from procrastinating so much about blogging. Besides these are many of my partners in reviewing crime from the Schoolhouse Review Crew.


For July 1 (it’s 10:30 pm where I’m at) is WHO and we are to introduce ourselves.

So here goes…

I’m Kemi and have been married to husband for 17 years. We have one sweet daughter (really she’s very sweet) whom I homeschool with the Bob Jones Curriculum and supplement with Schoolhouse Review Crew stuff.  We reside in the sometimes super rainy Pacific Northwest where I was born. I traveled a fair bit in my youth and young adulthood, as did my husband, but we’ve been suspiciously homebound for the last several years. Maybe burnout or something. Oh well we have plans to remedy that in a bit here.

I play the piano, cook someone decent meals, garden, sew, and create a few printables (pssst there are free ones too). I enjoy reading but don’t get as much time to do that as I used to. I love, love, love cats and am one of those who will lose themselves in cat images on Pinterest or cat videos on youtube. My daughter joins me.

If I had to do it all over again I would forgo college and go to culinary school. My husband agrees (meaning him too).

You can read more about me on my About-Me page => Kemi

Tune in on July 2nd for more 🙂


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