Our Own Weekly Wrap Up Feb. 7, 2014

Happenings in my home this week…


Here are some of the things I have learned this week. (Remember Learn is my word for the year)

In our HomeSchool this week…

This was book week in our home. Our English class was focused on all kinds of books and libraries. We made a visit to our public library (we go there every week anyway) and a special trip to a medical library.  We also talked about some of the special reference books that can be found in a medical library and revisited how to look things up. We also talked about how mommy (me) used to look up books in her day. With a card catalogue. And how we would love to get our hands on one to decorate our home.

Science has been fun this week. We are studying the solar system. We made a paper model (in the collage photo) and we got our hands on a telescope for nighttime sky viewing. So cool!

We had a deep discussion about Pluto and why I’m so attached to it and calling it a planet when it is clearly a dwarf planet. I’m old fashioned and like to live in the past. Hmph!

I’m learning a lot this year in science.

In Reading Class we read a cute story about camels in the dessert. These are short stories in our reading book that we take turns reading aloud.  Did you know that camels were brought to the US during the Civil War? This Texas Reenactment site gives a little more information.



Helpful things I’ve learned to pass on…

I guess I didn’t learn this but I had a great reminder from a new bloggy friend about breakfasts in Israel. You know I’m doing my 52 Weeks of Fresh Breakfast Ideas series and this lovely post reminded me I need to step out of the box, or country, in my quest for providing great breakfasts.


Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

We attended a retirement party this week.  Saw some old friends I hadn’t seen in years which was wonderful.

Spent one full day this week running errands for my mother who was under the weather. I’m such a good daughter. My wingman/daughter was a big help keeping mommy happy and entertained.


My favorite thing this week was…

The snow. We hardly get any here in PacWest.


Things I’m working on…

Finding out what to do with 30 pounds of chicken thighs. It’s driving me crazy. They’re in the freezer until I can cope. Any ideas? I’m not fond of white cheesy casseroles.


Books I’m reading…

I’m not reading much right now. Just a novel for a review and a cookbook to help me manage a freezer full of chicken.

A Road Unknown The Freezer Cooking Manual from 30 Day Gourmet


In the Kitchen…

In the Kitchen this week I’ve scrapped my whole menu plan for what’s easier.

My husband made the delicious fish dish in the collage below. It was really tasty. Spices by Penzy’s.

Then I baked some chicken which wasn’t on my menu plan.

We also had leftover night which was supposed to be a dinner bowl but quickly morphed into something much easier.

Oh well.



That’s my week and I’m sticking to it!


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