Save 20% on Maestro Classics Music CDs and Downloads!


Maestro Classics classical music CDs and downloads

Maestro Classics is celebrating its 10th year anniversary of bringing great music and stories to young listeners around the world!

And they’re sharing their birthday with you!

Now through December 10th save 20% on everything the Maestro Classics Store. These recordings are beautifully done and we are still enjoying our copies.

Want to know what I’m talking about? Maestro Classics Music publishes beautifully put together CDs of classical children’s stories set to classical chamber music. The ageless stories are captivating and the music is mesmerizing. They are beautiful productions sure to become a treasured item in your home.

Don’t believe me? You can listen to snippets of each piece of classical music on the old site here (but to use the 20% off coupon code you will need to visit the new estore here.

You can read my in depth review of Maestro Classics here.

These Classical Music CDs make greats gifts for parents AND children.

Be sure and use code: HomemakingOrganized on checkout.

Want to know more? Be sure and read my review on Maestro Classics CDs.

psst. These CDs make great gifts.

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