Weekly Wrap-Up of 5: Winter Break Ahead

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Yeah Holiday Break!

This past week I’ve felt like we’re sliding into home base to finish out our 2013 Homeschool Year. We’ve really been digging in and finding out what works this first half of the school year and it will be nice for a breather.

This week the Sweet Peanut took a lot of tests and started some new chapters in different subjects. We’re now into soil and dirt in Science, reading about Important Days in Reading, learning to write a persuasive letter in English and how to divide in Math.

I’ve been VERY lazy about recording test grades this year. After grading papers and tests I usually follow along and notate them in a very laborious hand written process that involves addition, and division and percents. But since the addition of Applecore as one of the bonuses of being a member of SchoolHouseTeachers.com I’ve been setting it up and am going to use it to keep record of her grades and keep track.

The ladies (and gent) of The Schoolhouse Review Crew are ready to roll for 2014. Visit my links page to find some great Homeschooling blogs to read.

We’ll take a two week break from school starting on Monday December 23rd and that will be nice.

My home is not on my best friend list as of late. As we shop for a new home it has taken on a new of look of being a bit unkempt. Packing boxes line each room as I struggle with what to pack and what to leave out as necessary. Grrrrr. Very frustrating. I’ll just weather the storm.

I had a run in with a glass pan last weekend so I need to do a post on kitchen safety. It was my fault, and all is well, but stay tuned to find out all.

Kristen at Kitchen StewardShip has a new book out.The Healthy Breakfast Book, brand new this week, has recipes for “breakfast cake” and “ice cream” that have zero sweetener whatsoever, no grains, and even dairy-free!

PS – If you bought The Healthy Lunch Box back in August, you  have a 50% off coupon in the thank you email for that book. OR you can also buy Lunch Box now and still get 50% off the Breakfast Book.

I’ve been working behind these scenes coming up with some new planners so stay tuned in January when I unfold some new stuff.

This weekend How to Blog for Profit (Without Selling Your Soul) is on sale on Amazon for only $1.99. I picked up this great resource last month and if you’re really serious about earning from your blogging efforts I highly recommend it. It came highly recommended to me from Crystal at MoneySavingMom.com
I read three books this week. They were that good. I like Amish fiction and had never read any books by Charlotte Hubbard (also known as Naomi King) before. I found Autumn Winds (Seasons of the Heart) and read the rest of the books in this series in about 5 days and have the fourth one (not yet published) on hold. The characters were well formed and not cookie cutter. That and the combination of very captivating storylines makes a great book. If you like Amish fiction I think you’ll enjoy her writing.

I exercised this week! Finally! I had been pretty strict about keeping up with my T-Tapp exercises and then got side tracked with house hunting, homeschool, and getting my mother around. During Teresa’s Black Friday sale I picked up her Step Away the Inches DVD because, as we all know, walking is excellent exercise and with T-Tapp’s extra tips I expected a more intense walking workout. True enough, using her extra tips I was really feeling this workout. 23 minutes is doable so hopefully over the break I’ll get exercising back into my daily routine.

I got to talk on the phone with one of my besties this week. We’ve been through so much together. Birth, death, marriage. Sigh! It’s so hard to have her so far away. We talked babies and toddlers this week. Her little one is tearing up the house and she’s brainstorming ways to keep her busy. That led to a talk about Magna Doodle and what a fabulous quiet toy it is. We picked up the Doodle Pro Travel when the Sweet Peanut was 4 and she still plays with it on car rides or at times when has to sit still and be quite (church is NOT on this list).


Well that’s it as we get ready to roll into a new weekend! Have a Happy Friday!


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