Week’s End Homemaking Journal September 26, 2014

weeks-end-journal-926Happy week's end!

I'm wearing a sweater which means that Fall is definitely here. That's okay because I needed some motivation to do some Fall Cleaning.

It's cooler this week at RavenHill so we haven't been going out as much with all the rain (pout).

This is what we've been up to…

The Garden

Not much happening here because of the rain. Hubby got part of our fence sealed before the rain started. Oh well. We'll get to the rest next time.

Of course we don't really have a garden here yet anyway. Just a small patch of grass that we're ruminating what to do with.

Some things we would like to have in place by the end of next spring.

  1. Some sort of shed, has to be small, to hold gardening supplies.
  2. Fruit area planted.
  3. Raised beds ready to go.
  4. Outdoor furniture done!



This week in homeschool we worked on some computer skills. As much as we use the computer to put together lessons and get things in order I realized that I've never really taken the time to give the Sweet Peanut some basic tips on researching (in a safe place).

Our local library has a nice online portal just for kids and divided by subject. So this week we've been learning all about animal habitats and habits. She has taken to it so much she gets a block of time every evening to hound her father about her latest findings.

We also finally got our science kit. Okay so you didn't know we were getting one. You see we use Bob Jones for homeschooling and they do all these nice neat science experiments throughout the year. Problem is who has all these odd items laying around the house for science experiments? And even if you go through the whole syllabus and round up all the items you need it can take quite a while and cost a lot in money and aggravation.

Last year we discovered HomeScienceTools which puts together a science kits of supplies depending upon what homeschool company you use. Yes they had Bob Jones and Abeka and Apologia and Alpha Omega and a few more. They don't have all but they have many.

If you've been having a hard time hunting and pecking to put together those science experiments they're worth a look and often have specials going on => HomeScienceTools



This week has been good and bad in the homemaking department.

This past week I've been making yogurt. Definitely a worthy venture if your household consumes a lot of the stuff. You can read my post about how I went about making yogurt here => Yogurt for Breakfast.

I've been testing out different cleaning routines in the home. Nothing is fully jelled yet but the house is getting cleaned while I work it out and that's important.

We moved the furniture around again in the homeschool room and purchased one item needed to make the bench cushion.

I've also got a bit of organizing of little things to do. But that's a never ending project.


Visiting the Web

Finally we're getting ready to wrap up the Schoolhouse Review Crew Year. If you have any interest in joining up for next year's round read this great post about what we do and more.


Have a lovely weekend!

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