What We’ve Been Up to This Week in Our Home…


Here's a little run down of much of what we did this week in our home.

1. Our Homeschool Curriculum arrived this week.

2. Sweet Peanut was so excited she sat right down to read through her books. I thought about asking her to wait but why? That wouldn't do any good. Maybe she'll read through everything in a week and we can be done by October! Wishful thinking eh?

3. Somehow I've taken over the lawn care. We had an edgerin the garage (I was very clueless as to what this gadget was for. After a quick “how to turn it on” from hubby and a youtube video on how it works I was off. Edged the whole lawn.

4. We got extra blessed with apples this week. A half a bushel box from my aunt and a bushel box from my mom.

5. Sweet Peanut helped me wash and peel.

6. I canned some of the apples in slices and made applesauce. I was pretty wiped after this job.

7. I also made a double batch of Apple Breakfast Bars from Healthy Breakfast Ideas

8. We went to the Quilt, Knit, and Stitch show this weekend. Sweet Peanut got to use one of those heavy duty quilting machines and enjoyed it quite a bit. The lovely ladies asked her to come back and do some more so she made sure I knew that. There were some lovely quilts on display. I actually don't quilt but picked up some sewing supplies.

9. We also learned about a technique called Crayon Quilts. In the demonstration the artist's daughter showed us how to melt crayons onto fabric and then apply it to the quilt. The effect is stunning and beautiful. I was ready to buy the whole lot right there but, since I didn't bring much cash, I was gratefully held off.

Well that's “some” of what we did this week. At least in pictures.

Hope you had a lovely week!

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