Homemaking Resources

Everyone wants to know what products you use to get things done, save money, and have a cleaner home and organized life. This is my list and it may contain affiliate links. That means that we may earn a small commission but it comes as no extra cost to you.



Personal Organizing

Before I get my home organized I have to organize myself.

Organized Home

Once I’ve got myself in order then I can start worrying about the home.

  • The Dollar Tree is great for organizing bins and baskets to use in the whole house. Don’t have one near you? You can shop online and even pick a few items to pack a full box.
  • Clutter Mess to Organized Success: This lady! This book! I’m just like the next person and needed some help to figure out the best way to organize several styles in this one home. Cas has broken down organizing styles into common (and cute) bugs. You will feel so well equipped to handle almost any decluttering challenge with this book.

For the Homeschooler


Cleaning Tools

  • Handheld Steam Cleaner: If you’ve never used a steam cleaner for hard to clean areas then you’re working too hard. These make quick work of the ick in undermount sinks, the hinges in toilets (ew), grout and pretty much anywhere that can take a blast of hot water. Be sure and read directions on the machine and also for the surface you are cleaning but seriously this should be in your arsenal.
  • Electric Air Blower: Another tool I cannot do without around the house. My husband keeps trying to get this off me for his job (he’s an HVAC technician). This little baby cleans dusty computers, fans, pretty much all the other places you couldn’t use the steam cleaner because of water.


Blogging Resources

Looking to start blogging? The tools and resources I recommend can be found on this page.