21 Days to a More Disciplined Life a Review


It seems every few months I look up and the women of the blogosphere have all come together on the same page in the book of life.

This time we’re all on the same page of getting it together and being more disciplined (you know, intentional) about our daily lives.

Gather any group of women together and you’ll hear, “I really should…”, “I need to…”, “I’ve got to remember to…”  And so on.

In my own life there are two particular issues I’ve been..well putting on the back burner to be precise. I know I need to do them. I know it would be beneficial not only to but to others but yet I put doing them off and off and off.

A long time ago Crystal (of MoneysavingMom.com) ran a blog series about leading a more disciplined life.  The end result being an ebook titled…

21 Days to a More Disciplined Life

Crystal has written 21 days of practical application to a more disciplined life. Each chapter, or nugget since they are only a page or two in length, offers insight into what may be holding you back from completing things. Along with tips and ideas for items to become more disciplined at this book is meant to motivate you and inspire you to finally get it done.

A small example would be doing those dishes before bed. Woowee that’s me! Dishes are one of those things I detest. But several weeks ago, right about when school started I made a decision to clean them up each night. No leaving that last pot to soak or the teapot until morning. I made it a nightly chore to clean up the dishes. All of them. And run the dishwasher on the way to bed. It’s now a habit. It really is. The realization of that is kind of amazing.

In her ebook Crystal challenges me to tackle this or any one chore while giving daily advice for 21 days on ways to achieve these seemingly insignificant chores. And inspiration for seeing it to the end.

You see by the end of 21 days you should be on autopilot. Able to complete your tiny chore that you found it so difficult to discipline yourself to do before.

So who is this book for? This little book is for your if you have any nagging tasks to accomplish. If you find yourself procrastinating on things little or big. If you need gentle push in the right direction for completing your to-do’s.

Crystal offers…

  • examples from her own life
  • exercises to put those to-do’s out in the open
  • challenges to work on your goals
  • links to other motivating resources, many free
  • printables to keep back of your goals
21 Days to a More Disciplined Life

*I received a free copy to review but the opinions are my own.

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