Alpha Burritos Made With Plant Protein – a Momsmeet Review


My family is always looking for good healthy eats for busy days or even times on the run. Even though I am limited by my soy-free (I’m allergic) diet they are not so when the opportunity to review Alpha Burritos came up they said “yes please”. This was all initially based on the online pictueres alone. LOL!


Alpha Burritos are meatless plant based burritos that come in a variety of flavors.  Each burrito contains seasonings and veggies along with the protein.

The Alpha Burritos come in four flavors…

  1. Mexicali
  2. Fajita Chick’n
  3. Philly Sandwich
  4. and Pizza

We received a Walmart gift card to buy our Apha BurritosWe were able to find all flavors available at our local Walmart.

About Alpha Burritos

Alpha Foods are made with plant based proteins for those times when you want to go meat free but still need protein. Their goal is to improve animal welfare. We don’t subscribe to a meat free diet but occasionally my family does like to forgo meat for a change.

Alpha Foods aims for…

  • Healthy Humans
  • Healthy Planet
  • Animal Welfare

Alpha Foods does not use GMO’s, cholesterol, hormones, corn syrup, artificial preservatives, or animal products in their creations.

How Did We Enjoy the Alpha Burritos

We were able to purchase the Alpha Burritos at Walmart. We checked the online Store Locator first. And they had all four flavors.  

To test these I baked one of each flavor and lined them up on a serving tray. I should have labeled them but I knew which was what because I put them in the oven a certain way and took them out that same way.

While I ate a soy-free dinner my husband and daughter taste tested each of the Alpha Burrito flavors. I didn’t tell them what each was before hand because we wanted to say whether they

  • a) Tasted all the same
  • b) Tasted like meat

Surprisingly my husband forgot these were meat-free! He really did. That was kind of shocking. They both (my husband and daughter) enjoyed all the flavors but they both liked the Philly Sandwich the best.

After eating 2 each we went to church and were gone about the space of 3 hours. Upon coming home my husband was really hungry so he felt these didn’t have strong holding power. He still liked them though and thought they might make a good snack. My daughter, who is NOT a picky eater, enjoyed them and would also like them for lunch.
The thing is they are then both banned from giving me kisses for about 24 hours. Should I be bothered if that doesn’t phase them?…

You can connect with Alpha Burritos online…





Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this product free from Momsmeet as part of their Blogger Review program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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