Before I called You Mine by Nicole Deese : Book Review

I have been following Nicole Deese on Instagram for a while. I honestly don’t remember when or why or who might’ve introduced her to me. I liked her instagram posts and the fact that she was an adoptive mom like me made me feel a bit of kinship. I knew she wrote books and that might’ve been what called me to her profile but it’s not what kept me there.

That’s why I was surprised to learn that she had just published a new title and it looked like something I would like to read! I had completely forgotten Nicole was an author I just counted her as one of my online friends.

As part of Nicole’s launch team I got early access to her new novel Before I Called You Mine. A story about love, adoption, and God’s calling.

Before I Called You Mine by Nicole Deese. Book Review

Before I Called You Mine is a Christian Fiction Clean Romance novel set in the present day. The main character, Lauren Bailey is a 1st grade teacher in a small town in Ohio who loves her job but has been unlucky in love.

Lauren is on the path to become a single adoptive mom to a child in China. Along with that she has a few stipulations she must adhere to and one of them is to remain single before and after the adoption. If she was not already married before starting the process she must remain in an unattached state until will after she has adopted her child.

Having no love interest on the horizon this is no problem for Lauren until she meets mister wonderful one day. She does her best to keep things in the friend zone but really, as Ms. Deese has written him, Joshua is Mr. Wonderful and he comes along at a bad time.

To tell you more would be to reveal too much but be rest assured the journey is sweet but also peppered with heartache and loss.

I really enjoyed this read. Knowing that Nicole Deese is an adoptive mom I felt she was probably writing from the heart in many of those pages. But beyond that all the well rounded storyline was really good.

You can purchase of copy of Before You Were Mine in Kindle or Paperback version on

I received this book for free to read and to post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links.

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