Creative Cuteness, Back to School with Style, and a Zazzle $25 Giveaway


Back when I was a young girl going back to school meant collecting all sorts of cutsey, colorful, school supplies. From notebooks to pencils to lunchbox, and ending with my favorite the pencil box. There was also a certain feline character that ran center stage in my collection of cool school stuff.

I of course have passed on this tradition to my sweet daughter and she is just as gung ho as I ever was.

This year when my Sweet Peanut sits back down to her currently dusty school desk I’ll have a few cute surprises for her. has their Back to School Promotion going strong and there are some cute offerings from some talented people.

Just take a look…

This is just a few of the offerings from creative sources. I chose to create something specific for our homeschool.
Part of my curriculum is a 3 hole punched lesson plan. It’s a cumbersome set of papers that I rely on highly. I usually put it in a flimsy binder that irritates me to no end through out the school year but this year I designed a Lesson Planner Binder to keep our lesson plans in. It came out really nice and the interior includes 2 pockets in the front and the back.
I also designed a little notebook for my daughter to use. She’s big on keeping notes which is a fabulous tool to use. I used to that at work. I just kept one big notebook and every day was a new page. It was invaluable for referring to old notes and things. Anyway I guess by osmosis she does the same thing so I wanted to get her something special to write in. See the interior below?
You like?
Well ou can buy something great at too. I’m hosting a giveaway for $25 credit to for one of my readers. Just enter the giveaway linky below.
And currently is having a Back to School Sale. Save 45% off School Supplies. Ends soon (before my giveaway does, sorry. But they always have good sales).

Back to School


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  1. I would love to get some customized notebooks for back to school. A customized pencil box would also be wonderful. I also need to find a really cool lunchbox, and I just looked on and there are soooo many cute ones. Now it’s just going to be hard to choose.

  2. My mom loves flowers and a lunch date. But after she moved 134673 miles away idk what I’ll do for our first mothers Day apart 🙁

  3. I’m not sure if you meant to use the mother’s day prompt, but I’m planning on making a care kit for my mom and some personalized grandma things.

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