eMeals Monthly Menu Planning Program Review and 3 Month Giveaway {CLOSED}

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For the past couple of months I’ve been peppering my weekly dinner menus with delicious recipes from the eMeals Monthly Menu Planning Program.

For busy moms menu plans take the guess work out of what is for dinner. They are great way to make sure at least one part of your busy home life is on auto pilot.

While it’s easy enough to use your own regular recipes and dishes each week some families like a change.Β  We crave new taste sensations and like to travel the world at dinner time. Does that sound like your family? It’s definitely mine.

My family likes to think they are foodies and so we relish new tasty recipes in our dinner meals. On top of that I do my best to serve healthy meals that aren’t too heavy in fat and carbs.

Prior to trying eMeals my weekly menus had become a little common. Each week looked boring like this…

Monday – Fish or leftovers

Tuesday – More fish or chicken

Wednesday – Same old tired stir fry

Thursday – Soup and Sandwiches

Friday – Quesadillas.

YAWN! We needed a change.

The main thing I like about eMeals is the variety of menus. There are 14, count them 14 different kinds of meal plans.

  • Classic Meals
  • Clean Eating
  • Paleo
  • Low Calorie
  • Slow Cooker
  • Low Fat
  • Low Carb
  • Kid Friendly
  • Simple Gourmet
  • Mediterranean
  • Natural & Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegetarian
  • Portion Control

With that kind of variety you can’t help but find something your family will love!

What you do is check out the samples for the different kinds of plans to find one you like then sign up. If it’s not meeting your fancy you can switch up several times per month. Do take some time to really dig in and find out if the menu plan you’re on is the one for you. You can also download samples from the different meal plan types to get a feel for what you will be getting.

There is also a Lunch, Breakfast, and Dessert menu plan. Your meals, done!

You can choose either a meal plan for 1-2 people or a family menu plan which is 3 to 6 members.

If you choose the best value your eMeals Menu plan is only $5 a month.

The beauty…no one of the beauties of eMeals is that you can customize your meal plan to the store you shop at. And there are several to choose from including an other if you shop at a store not on the list.

Each week a printable menu dinner plan lands in your email inbox withΒ  7 dinner recipes and side dish recipes. There is also a grocery shopping list organized by category and a staples checklist organized by dinner recipe.

When I first started my eMeals service I chose the Simple Gourmet. But when the planner came it didn’t seem to be my style of cooking. The recipes were a little too much for my everyday cooking. But luckily you can swap menu plans to find your perfect fit and that’s what I did.

I chose the Clean Eating Family Plan and have been using it for about two months now. Obviously I found one that fits eh?

I’m really enjoying the Clean Eating Family Plan. The recipes are delicious but not time consuming. I’m learning new, fresh ways to put flavors together and better yet my family has so far enjoyed every dish we’ve made (we sometimes cook together).

I don’t cook every meal each week but choose choose about three from the full 7. I decided to do this because so far the recipes have been delicious, I don’t say that lightly, and after making them one time I like to try them again to see if I need to make any changes our touches. For example; so far our favorite has been Tilapia with Creamy Lemon-Horseradish Sauce (description and picture below). We tried broiling the horseradish sauce on top of the fish to see how that would come out. Both ways delicious.

Anyway let’s a bit about some of the recipes we’ve been eating.



Tilapia with Creamy Lemon-Horseradish Sauce: This recipe has become a staple in our house. Sometimes I use Catfish or Swai instead of Tilapia fish but it’s always equally delicious. Michel Roux has said that a good sauce is important for a well made dish and this sauce goes perfectly with these white fish. It’s creamy but too heavy. Sometimes I spoon the sauce on the fish halfway through cooking, spread it over the fish, and broil it to brown.

Chicken and Mushroom Rice Bake: I actually initially made this dish because of the ease of it. It was simple to put together and I thought it would taste simple. It was simply delicious. I admit to using chicken thighs instead of chicken breast. Browned on top of the stove the chicken is laid on a bed of flavorful rice studded with mushrooms and chopped shallots. A sprinkling of thyme is throughout the rice and the whole thing is delicious only needed a side salad or cooked veggie. The recipe did come with the side dish suggestion of a spinach strawberry salad.


Moroccan Braised Chicken Thighs: I love Middle Eastern style cooking. Spicy and saucy this dishwas surprisingly delicious. It’s also a crockpot dish so easy to make and set for later.



Lime and Coconut Roasted Chicken: This dish came with the side dish of Jasmine Rice with Fresh Cilantro. That side dish has become my daughter’s favorite. She’s been asking for it for lunch. We also made it for a dinner we hosted one Sunday.

Sound delicious? It should. It is.

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  1. I would try the kid friendly or the slow cooker clean eating plan. I did not even see that one but saw it in the comments.

  2. I really hope I win this. I have heard good things about emeals and we have been stuck in a big rut as far as meal planning lately. We end up eating the same things over and over and they are boring and then we get tired of eating them and end up eating a lot of frozen pizza. It’s sad. I would choose Clean Eating. We try to eat healthy and mostly vegetarian but the sample menu for Clean Eating looked better than the vegetarian one to me.

  3. I would probably try the Gluten Free menu first. I wish the site had samples or something, because I’d also be interested in seeing the Clean Eating, the Natural/Organic, the Kid-Friendly, even the Portion Control maybe… I’d like to see them all, actually. LOL I have a hard time making decisions without all of the information. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the giveaway!

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