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I know when my own Sweet Peanut was in diapers I spent an arm and a leg on things designed just for her. From specialized laundry detergent to little items to keep her safe and comfy. And heaven help me when I discovered One Step Ahead. I would have loved to purchase everything they carried but my pocketbook could only go so far.

That's why it's a good day for you.  If you're the mom of a baby or toddler you'll want to enter Purex's current giveaway.

One grand prize winner will receive a gift certificate valued at $1,000 from One Step Ahead®, a year’s supply of Purex® Baby Detergent, and a year’s supply of Purex® Crystals™ for Baby.

Now if you're thinking that you never win anything don't feel that way. You never know when you will be the grand prize winner so go ahead and enter. And maybe you're a new grandma or the best friend of a mother to be. Think of the awesome gift you could pass on!

Enter here: Purex Giveaway



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