My Favorite Books {for the moment} January 2016

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Sometimes you get asked the question of what are your favorite books.  And sometimes you cringe at the question.

If you’re like me you read so many books and so many years go by that you forget what you have read. Oh sure some stick with you but really. I mean really?

I read cookbooks, cleaning books, fiction, non-fiction, music books, historical books, health care books, fitness books, biographies, auto-biographies blah, blah, blah.

And I do books reviews so some, admittedly not many, of the books I read have been reviewed on this site.


But nevertheless I’ll still try and pull together a list from 2015 on books I DID NOT review that I think you might like.


Born to Deliver

I found out about this book from Crystal over at MoneySavingMom. This is the story of one woman who found grace after going through so much her whole life. Born to an alcoholic mother and a struggling mother Kathy attempt to fill the empty holes of her life with relationship after relationship. Starting out with heartbreak it ends in joy and inspiration.




Time Life Foods of the World

This set of books is one of my most treasured. And I pick them up every few years when inspiration strikes. I picked them up again a few months ago. Showcasing not only the great foods found around the world but the cultures behind them and the methods used to make them. I can sit and read these books for hours. These books are out of print but you can still find them at used bookstores and online at places like ebay and even Amazon.



Square Foot Gardening

This book changed my garden last year and I plan to use the tips again this year. Square Foot Gardening teaches you how to maximize your soil and companion plant (I did that badly) to get the most produce in a small spot.  I didn’t need to fertilize all season! We got a lot of food out of a small space.



Faith in Peril Trilogy

Okay so I picked this up on when it was free on Amazon. It sat on my Kindle forever because I just didn’t think it would be any good. It was really good and I loved it. Unlike most Amish stories this one is written back in the 1800’s. It’s a trilogy involving 3 sisters. I’m sure there are things not so perfect in the story and details that may be off. Besides the fact that the sisters, and their intendeds, seem to fall hard and fast. Besides all that, which I totally ignored, I loved it. So sad to have it end.

Simplify Your Homeschool Day

I haven’t read this yet but it looks promising and is awaiting to opened on my Kindle. The chapters read like this; Practical Tips to Shorten Your School Day, Communication Skills that Nurture Learning,  Enlisting Support, Learning on the Go, and Making Time for You. I took a peeksee at chapter 1 and I’m excited to dive in.



That’s it so far but hopefully there is more to come.


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