National Geographic Kids {#Momsmeet Review}

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Everyone knows National Geographic for incredible photos and thought provoking features of happenings in history and around our amazing world. But did you know they have a whole branch just for kids?

National Geographic Kids creates inspiring books, magazines, website, television series, apps, games, and events for adventurous kids and now the scientific organization is branching out into exciting fiction for kids!

The Nebula Secret

We recently received a copy of their first book from this branch called The Nebula Secret.

For kids wanting to read adventure stories here’s a good one! My daughter grabbed and read The Nebula Secret right away and really loved it. She’s read it twice already!

The Nebula Secret features Cruz who is 12 years old and lives in Hawaii. He goes to a school called Explorer Academy, which is a special school for adventurers. The adventure for Cruz is unlocking the truth about his past while also finding out who is setting him up.

The story weaves interesting facts, puzzles, and situations that make the reader think, deduce, and have fun while doing it.

This exciting story also features color graphics depicting the story, the real life science behind the fiction, and the explorers who do this science.

This book is perfect for adventurous kids. It’s fiction and made for middle school age readers.

As part of the adventure your child can visit the Explorer Academy website where you will find a very cool trailer for the book, sneak previews of the characters, a code-breaking game, and more.

If you do order the Nebula Secret forward your receipt to National Geographic kids email and get a FREE digital issue of National Geographic Kids Magazine that features Explorer Academy games.


The National Geographic Kids Almanac for 2019

We also received the National Geographic Kids Almanac for 2019. It’s a a glossy 350 page almanac with fun and interesting facts about animals, our earth, culture, space, geography, history, natural wonders, space and much more.

My daughter also just enjoys sitting back and reading through this book. I tried to get it from her to take a picture. She wasn’t really happy. The pages are colorful and really catch they eye. I would like to sit down with it to! Sheesh!

If you go the almanac website  you can get details on entering the Lions Forever Almanac Challenge poster contest and enter for your chance to win a $500 gift card to host a lion conservation party!

#Momsmeet also sent us…

National Geographic Kids Weird but True!  350 Outrageous Facts

National Geographic Kids Weird but True!  350 Outrageous Facts a great little glossy cover book that will capture the interest of your little adventurer.

1001 Ways to be Creative

1001 Ways to be Creative a great little hardbound book that could inspire you or your children. It is 219 pages and includes simple creative tips and encouragement such as press flowers, Who are your influences?, and Form a family band using homemade instruments.

National Geographic has some fun stuff for your children. They will be learning while reading.

Connect with National Geographic Online

I received this product for free from Moms Meet to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affliate links.

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