Space to Spare: A Mom’s Guide to Home Organization Book Review

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spacetospareIs your home disorganized? Really you want to say “whose isn’t??!!” If you have a family and kids are part of that family then your house will at one time or another, or all the time, be disorganized.

Right now I’m living in the land of disorganization. I’ve been packing (and unpacking) to move for almost a year as we search for a home so my organizing nerves are on edge. We live around boxes and I try to keep the home up and tidy for guests and for daily life. But I also get excited about the future


Enter left stage: Space to Spare: A  Mom’s Guide to Home Organization by Debbie Lillard


A Mom’s Guide to Home Organization is the only resource you’ll need to walk through simple processes and tips for organizing your time, your stuff and your space.

  • 37 Chapters
  • 375 pages
  • Each chapter focuses on a different part of the home or life.
  • There are six sections.
  • Organize Your Time
  • Organize Your Belongings
  • Organize Your Home
  • Race Against Time
  • No More Scategories
  • Space Invaders


Each chapter starts out with a Problem scenario or why this area of the home is hard to organize. Then it follows up with several solutions in a step by step format to solving the disorganization situation in this area.

  • Problem
  • Story
  • Solution

A Mom’s Guide to Home Organization is broken down into 6 parts.

Part 1 Organizing Your Time: Creating a workable routine for yourself (mostly geared at stay at home moms). Teaching children to pick up after themselves. And there is a section in here about organizing a baby’s time. While I agree with baby having a schedule, every baby will have it’s own schedule based upon numerous factors number one being their personality. Debbie has listed a definitive schedule that may or may not fit your baby. I suggest you take that part of this section with a grain of salt.

Part 2 Organizing Your Belongings: Who couldn’t use more help here? This is about managing your things so they don’t take over your home and life. Once you can manage your things your time is better spent because you’re not spending all your time looking for things or wasting money re-buying things you already have but lost in your messy home.

Part 3 Organizing Your Home: Organizing the spaces in your home to work more efficiently. Clean up those rooms to they are presentable and not grossing you out. Creating stations and setting up a room the way you use it.

Part 4 Decluttering Your Time: Do you have too much on your plate? This section helps you to plan days, weeks, and months for you and your family.

Part 5 Categorize: How to put your belongings in categories to make them easier to find for the whole family. This section covers each room in the home.

Part 6 Organizing Your Children: Kids come with a lot of stuff. This section is about organizing them, their wealth of belongings, and creating spaces just for them.

My Review:

Except for the too detailed advice on baby’s schedule (like I said every baby is different) I really like this book. Right now in our state of limbo I’m not going to spend too much time redo each room in our current home but I do plan to use this book when we move.

I like the Solutions part of each chapter where Debbie goes into detail about solutions to common organizing problems. We all have them and knowing different ways you can overcome those issues is nice.

A Mom’s Guide to Home Organization is a great book for moms who are serious about organizing the home. It’s a reference book for each area of your home and life.

A Mom’s Guide to Home Organization is available in paperback for $21.40 or for the Kindle at $12.99.


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