The Pray-ers / Book 1 Troubles a Homeschool Crew Review

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Prayer is an important part of a Christian’s life. It’s how we talk to God whether to give thanks or to just tell Him of our trouble. But have you ever wondered about what happens to your prayers? I mean about how your prayers go about getting answered?The Pray-ers / Book 1 Troubles

I like to think that’s what author Mark S Mirza was going for when he wrote The Pray-ers / Book 1 Troubles published by CTM Publishing Atlanta. Sort of a glimpse of what is going on in the heavenlies when people pray. How does God goes about answering the prayers of His people?

After teaching churches, people, and other ministries the power of prayer for 10 years Mr. Mirza combined his love for fiction with teaching about prayer and came up with the novel Pray-ers / Book 1 Troubles.

The Pray-ers / Book 1 Troubles

We received The Pray-ers as a digital PDF download containing 1144 pages.

About The Pray-ers

The Pray-ers / Book 1 Troubles

As opposed to prayers as things that people are saying, The Pray-ers are a series (3) individuals who know how to pray. They pray without ceasing and are constantly on their knees at the throne of grace.

These 3 individuals live during different time periods but have the same Angels and demons in common. Mr. Mirza bounces back and forth between their stories from chapter to chapter.

First there is Epaphras in the 1st Century who is mentioned in the Bible as being a faithful servant of Christ. Epaphras is a follower of Christ during Biblical times (1st Century) and has a nephew Thales, his successor in the church, who falls in love. This is a time of the new Christians and the demons are doing what they can to upset the cart.

Then there is pastor Alexander Rich who lives in the 19th Century and goes where God is leading him. To minister to those during the Civil War. And also to bring unity to the churches in the south.

And thirdly there is Dale and his wife Margie in the “Current Era”, who after having gone through tragedy of their own, are in a unique position to minister to others, specifically Isabela an atheist who has a lot of hate in her heart.

These three all have something in common (more than being Christians although that is part of it) and that is the Angels and demons we are introduced to in the first chapter.

Yes there’s a little bit of the other worldly in this novel but Mr. Mirza explains in the beginning that he doesn’t want you to focus on that but to focus on the pray-ers. And the power of prayer.

I chose to read The Pray-Ers by myself but my husband and my mother both want it when I’m done (how do you loan a pdf?). I wouldn’t recommend it for kids due to a bit of the content.


How Did I like The Pray-Ers

As the story weaves through history I felt like I was reading 3, maybe 4 different novels.  This wasn’t bad and I wasn’t upset. In fact each story was interesting in it’s own right. Someone else might not like the bouncing back and forth but it did not bother me.

In my own Christian walk I have no doubt that the demons and devils scheme and plot against us as described in this book. And I have no doubt that God sends His Holy Angels to minister unto us and help us in time of need.

Although there was some interaction with an Angel that put the Angel on a more human level than I imagine. But it is fiction and this is one of those mysteries of God.  And as Mr. Mirza says he has taken some license.

I really enjoyed The Pray-Ers.  I found it inspiring and encouraging.  I’m excited to find out what happens in book #2. Oh yes there is another volume in the series coming out.

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. ~@ Chronicles 7:14

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The Pray-ers / Book 1 Troubles

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