Washing Colors Together. Purex No Sort for Colors Giveaway {CLOSED}

purex-no-sort-giveaway My husband loves to wash all of his work clothes together. That inevitably means that they come out all kinds of nice shades far removed from the original. This was okay for his heavy duty work clothes but when he tried to help me out by washing some of my things…well not so good.

Oh how I wish this came out years ago when we first got married. I’m talking about Purex No Sort for Colors.

Purex No Sort for Colors in the latest in laundry innovation from Purex. It contains a new technology that traps loose dyes in the wash and reduces color bleeding accidents in your wash.

It’s not a miracle worker but it can help reduce careless laundry accidents.

To celebrate this new product Purex is hosting a Sweepstakes where one winner will receive $1000 and 100 2nd place winners will receive a coupon for a free bottle of Purex No Sort for Colors.

Can’t wait to win the Sweepstakes? I’m also holding a giveaway where three winners will each receive a coupon for a free bottle of Purex No Sort for Colors.



USA entries only please.

Ends 4/25/2014

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  1. I do several different loads to keep the color groups separate. This has helped me to preserve the color of my clothes for a long time. I would like to try this out with a mixed load and see how well it works.

  2. I would love to try it to see if the colors stay brighter longer. I always wash clothes together but I feel like the colors fade sooner.

  3. I would love this! I sometimes have to wait to do a load because I don’t have enough clothes in that sorted pile. This way I can combine two small piles and do the load..Yayy!

  4. Have any stories of colored wash? Share. Or tell why you want to try Purex No Sort for Colors. I always try to separate but something always ends up dying my clothes ;'(

  5. I want to try this because I love Purex products and it will make it so easy for everyone to help out with the laundry!

  6. The only story I have is that sometimes my whites get mixed in with the darks. Not a big deal but annoying when it happens.

  7. My husband decided to be very helpful and wash a load of laundry… He also threw in a red scarf I had been given for Christmas… Now we have some very beautifully pink clothing. Sigh. I’d really like to keep this from happening again.

  8. I need this laundry soap! My husband helps out with the laundry but forgets to sort out red and darks. I’d love to try the Purex No Sort!

  9. I turned all my husband’s socks pink because I washed a beach towel that bled into them!! πŸ™

  10. I haven’t had any major color washing disasters but it would be nice not to have to sort the clothes anymore!

  11. I feel this laundry detergent will cut down on the amount of laundry I do, reduce my water and electricity usage.

  12. I’d like to try this because I generally don’t do separate my clothes when I do the wash and the occasional white item does turn a little gray after time.

  13. I have plenty of stories because my hubby doesn’t think twice about dropping a white tshirt into whatever load is running in the washer. .. after a while, they’re grey and he doesn’t think about why, lol

  14. I’d love to try the Purex no sort so I don’t have as many loads of laundry to do which means more time for family and fun

  15. I just washed a new shirt of my daughters that had hot pink on bottom and white at the top. Looks awful now!

  16. Honestly, I throw everything into the wash together anyway unless it is something I have suspicions about bleeding color. To have a detergent made for that would be great.

  17. I’d love to try it because it’d be so nice to just throw everything in the wash:)
    annejk112233 at yahoo dot com

  18. i have never sorted my clothes and never experienced any problems, but my husband wants me to sort his which i hate so i would love to win this and not have to sort his clothes lol πŸ™‚

  19. I don’t sort my laundry…so this would be perfect for me!! I’ve turned plenty of clothes pink! πŸ™‚

  20. Only story I can think of is I had a roommate who would leave her lipstick in a pocket all the time! Through the washer and dryer. We still laugh about it.
    Love Purex!

  21. I would love to use it because it would save me so much time when doing laundry not to have to sort one from the other.

  22. Hubby could definitely use this, he is a trucker and constantly comes home with multi colored clothes, lol… He has no choice but to wash all together due to the fact that washing 1 load costs $5+. Purex no sort would definitely come in handy for him!

  23. I would like to win because I’m having our son May 5 and it would make it easier to do all of the laundry together and not have to sort it

  24. Gi’s and colored clothing in the same load is a big no no! My daughters is now a light blue! OOPS! Would love this when I was the Gi’s!

  25. We’ve just had a pair of blue jeans and a red shirt bleed in our laundry. After that, I really focused more on sorting out clothes.

  26. My daughter just got a new pair of marroon and white crew socks from her lacrosse coach. I never thought that a major company that makes sports socks would make them in a manner that the marroon ran so know I have a pair of blue sweat pants that have red dots all over them!

  27. I would love to try this just for the convenience of not sorting or being able to wash one colored garment with lighter colored garments.

  28. Many many moons ago, I turned my hubby’s whitie tighties pink. Just once, and he quickly changed to wearing boxers.

  29. Yeah, I washed black work socks in with my white socks and undergarmets. They were all this unattractive purple after…

  30. I wash my bright colors all together, but I’m always worried if there’s something new in there that it will stain everything. This would help ease my mind.

  31. I had a family member want to wash just one item of their clothing – so they threw some other clothes in with their item – it was maroon in color. The rest of the wash was various colors of Pink. Several people were upset with this disaster.

  32. i would like to try this detergent because my fiance has messed up some of our whites before. this would be his own special laundry detergent.

  33. I don’t really have any stories to share but I would love to try this product because not having to sort my white scrubs from my navy ones would make my life easier!

  34. I hate sorting clothes so I want to try this product! My husband does not like his pink socks….Previously white socks πŸ™‚

  35. Honestly at times i get lazy and just throw in all clothes mixed up, this detergent would be great!

  36. My favorite pair of Linen pants got in with my jeans wash one day and absolutely ruined them. They looked like they were tie dyed navy blue… I had to throw them away because they also had several snags in them where the zippers snagged at them πŸ™

  37. I don’t like having to be vigilant about sorting laundry, so this product sounds like it would be great!

  38. I want to try purex no sort because I have 3 teenagers that have recently been forced to do their own laundry. I don’t know how many times I have explained to them how to separate their clothes, but someone always ends up with some piece of clothes ruined. My kids need this,

  39. I would like to win because some clothing items I have several colors in them and I always wash them alone because I am afraid of run-off colors. This would be perfect for those types of clothing and would make laundry sorting a lot faster.

  40. I wait until the basket is full to start a load of laundry, but my kids wear all sorts of bright colors that it gets tough separating everything! Also, it would be much easier to just wash my husband’s clothes all together instead of sorting out all his dark work socks, white undershirts, colorful button-downs… *phew!*

  41. I tend to buy blue jeans that are heavily pigmented, but I dont always have enough darks for a load. This would help when I need to mix loads.

  42. I would love to try this because it’s such a pain to separate laundry! I’m looking forward to trying this out and seeing if it works!

  43. No stories but I do like to mix everything together usually unless its something that is red which is a nono for me to mix with anything else. This would be cool to try.

  44. I want to try this so I can add reds to other loads, because I have very few and hate to wash less than a full load.

  45. When I don’t have enough whites to do a full load, I throw them in with my colors. This would be really helpful for those days!

  46. I don’t have any horror stories…yet! But I want to try this detergent and be sure to avoid any bad situations altogether.

  47. I’m fighting the battle of bold color and white striped toddler shirts! We have a lot of them as gifts, but there seems to be no way to stop of color bleeding into the white parts. They look so dingy right now.

  48. I love Purex as it is but when I saw the new sort I definitely want to try that. I barely ever get to sorting it just right like I should.

  49. I hate separating laundry! I’m already down to just lights, darks, and towels! I love their Purex with Oxi and I’d love to try this!

  50. As a kid I can remember several instances of a red sock turning my underwear pink, which as a kid was a big deal.

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