5 Types of Content that Will Boost Your Blog Traffic

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Boost Your Blog Traffic - Moms Beginner BloggingWhen I started this blog, Homemaking Organized, it was actually a static website. Meaning it was a website where the front page didn’t change. It might introduce new articles but it wasn’t ebbing and flowing like a blog. I didn’t write often and it was more informational rather than a peek into my own life. And more importantly, it was in html. Meaning it was a little harder to make changes that took place across the whole website.

I started Homemaking Organized as a place to share tips and things on making home life less about drudgery and running more a well oiled machine. So you could spend time doing what you love and spend more time with the people you love.

As life started to change it became clear that I needed to change the format of this site to a blog. I had too much to share and putting it in a static (like I explained above) website was very time consuming.

I did well for a while and then the blogging world changed. It was a different ballgame on how the best articles were discovered. And quickly one of my biggest worries became getting people to actually read my posts! Where many times my blog posts used to command the top spot in the search engines for my niche I now gradually moved down and on to page 2 then page 11! The homemaking niche was becoming saturated!

Well I had some research to do and discovered there were other ways to get traffic to my blog. Organic search results (from google) had been great but now I had to compete. Back to the drawing board.

Blogging These Days on Homemaking Organized

These days as I constantly work to refine my blog. In addition to keeping up with all the technical stuff I also work at my writing and product creation.

Very recently I was thrilled to find the tool that I wish I had from day one. My friend Abby at Just a Girl and Her Blog has put together a free guide called 5 Types of Content that Will Boost Your Blog Traffic where she shares the kinds of posts that took her from zero pageviews to hundreds of thousands of visitors a month! Her insight and examples are so helpful and can help get any blogger or blogger-to-be started on the right track.

Snag your free guide here! => 5 Types of Content that Will Boost Your Blog Traffic

As a busy mom and homemaker I have found that having a blog is a great way to supplement the family income. But if you go at it blindly it can be very discouraging. If getting your blog off the ground is on your to-do list, there has never been a better time! Grab Abby’s guide and start creating content that your readers will love! I can’t wait to see what you do with your blog!



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