Can You Make a Living Blogging?

That’s the question on many lips these days. If the stories are true yes you can.

You can make a living blogging. 

I get this question in real life:

Is it too late to make a living blogging?

While blogging is different now than when I started, the answer is still a resounding NO!

In fact, speaking from experience, I think it’s much easier to get started blogging these days.

With so many, step by step courses, technical tools, and tons of trainings to help you start off on the right blogging foot your path is laid. Just follow it.

But blogging training and courses can be expensive (especially if you aren’t making any money yet), so when I find a good deal, I want to tell everyone about it!

I’ve talked about this in my article Are Blogging Courses Worth the Cost?

In a nutshell, if you put the resources into practice you often make your money back but sometimes that initial pay out can be steep!

So I have something that can help you if funds are tight.

The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is a digital collection of courses, tools and resources to get you started on your blogging journey. It will give you step-by-step instructions to make your blog successful in 2019 and beyond.

Curious what’s inside the toolki?

When you buy the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit, you’ll get access to:

  • 15 eBooks
  • 41 eCourses & videos
  • 9 printables & workbooks
  • 5 templates
  • 5 stock photo collections
  • and 2 membership sites

… all curated to give you a comprehensive blogging education that will grow with you as you hit each blogging milestone – at a price that’s too good to miss.

I’ve been blogging over 10 years and I purchased my own copy of the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit.


I’ve been blogging so long don’t I already know all this?

Not by a long shot.

Now just because you buy the full package it doesn’t mean that you have to use every product in it.

For me just one product made it work the price.

That product? Suzi’s eCourse Ebook by Number.

I’ve been slowly collecting Suzi Whitford’s courses. They are really good and in comparison to other blogging courses the price is right. Her Ebook by Number course normally sells for $97 so basically I paid for the course and got 76 other resources not including bonuses (see image below).

The bonuses make it even easier to start (or grow!) your blog, because you can get free, extended trials to technology that will help you save money, while making money.

In addition to the 77 resources in this bundle, you also get bonuses worth more than $540 from companies who can help you and your blog succeed.

Here’s just a handful of the bonuses you get:

  • Podia makes it easy to sell online courses, memberships and digital downloads to your audience. With Podia, you can create a beautiful storefront in minutes and start selling your digital products – no technical knowledge needed, and no third-party plugins required. You’ll get to try it out with a free 3-month Shaker Subscription. (Value $237)
  • ConvertKit is the email service provider for bloggers. You can try it out for two months free. (Value $58)
  • Use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog – and make it even easier when you schedule for the ideal times using the Tailwind app. Get a free 3-month Tailwind for Bloggers subscription with your bundle. (Value $45)
  • Plus, get a free premium WordPress theme from MyThemeShop. (Value $35) (You can see one of them here as I’ve just updated my blog with the Feminine Template from MyThemeShop. More tweaks to come).

I haven’t even told you about the other bonuses, but altogether the bonuses are worth over $540.

There’s a lot more in this Genius Bloggers Toolkit  and I encourage you to take a look into it.

  • Long time blogger?
  • Just started blogging?
  • Thinking about blogging?

It’s a very cost effective way to get some continuing blogging education under your belt.

The Genius Bloggers Toolkit is only available for 6 days and then it goes bye bye.

Check out the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit right here:

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