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Big List of Blogging Tools and Courses

Once you’ve been blogging a while you will realize that to keep going you’ll need to put some resources into your blog. It’s an investment in your baby (your blog) but it should not be taken lightly. If you’re like me you rely on others who have used the resources before you to give you feedback on which might be the best ones or do the job you need them to do.

There are many resources out there that and below is the list of the ones that I use or highly recommend.

Starting Your Blog

Start A Mom Blog – I could just hug Suzi! Her blogging products are amazing and great! Whether you want to learn how to start your blog, write the perfect blog post, grow your email list, make an ebook to sell, create opt-ins, start a profitable eCourse, and more, Suzi has a course for you! See the list here…  (Suzi’s courses are really good and if you’re like me you will find yourself buying one after the other. You can read my review on Blog by Number here. Save yourself some dollar and purchase a VIP Access Pass to all the courses).

Blog Start-Up 101 —This course is by blogger Crystal Paine of Money Saving Mom. I like to think of Crystal as the original mom blogger. Her courses are very detailed and perfect for beginners. And her prices are less than a lot of blogging courses out there.

WordPress 101 — Is another course by Crystal Paine. This course breaks down the WordPress platform for you. 

Grow Your Blog

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing – This is the course that many bloggers swear by for increasing their affiliate income. I purchased this course a few months ago, completed it a few weeks ago, and am slowly implementing the tips I learned. I’ll get back to you in a few more months. I especially like the workbook and the super helpful Facebook group.

Branding Basics 101 —More from Crystal Paine this course all about how to go about branding. 

Content Creation 101 — this amazing course all about creating great content by mega-blogger Crystal Paine. 

Tailwind : Tailwind is the preferred Pinterest Scheduling tool. If you’re looking to grow your traffic through Pinterest Tailwind is a great tool that you can get started with for free!

PrettyLinks : Prettylinks is a tool for turning those long ugly affiliate links into pretty ones with your blog name attached.

How to Organize a Blog With Several Topics: I’m using this course to help me organize my blog. I know people say to niche down but goodness how can you when you have so many interests? Well this is course tells you how.

Blog Hosting and Maintenance

SiteGround – Siteground is the blog hosting site I use and recommend. I won’t list all the companies I’ve been with throughout the years but I always “meant” to move to Siteground. I finally did a year ago and I’m not disappointed. There are several plans to choose from.  This is the best time of year to sign up.

The Blog Fixer: Oh I love this service! This company is the brainchild of Kris Kimball, husband of Katie Kimball of Kitchen Stewardship. Recently I dove in and had The Blog Fixer overhaul my website a few weeks ago. The white glove service was wonderful and they caught a bunch of issues that could have given me problems with Google and/or Amazon. 

BC Stack – I like to get a head start on purchasing this great package and purchase it for less in advance. When it goes live (July 2019). Get 65 products from the best of the best in the blogging and online marketing world for 33% off (or just $29)  This bundle is like the Ultimate Bundles, but it includes different product (and the price is lower).

Genesis Framework: The Genesis Framework let’s you maintain and update your blog easily. A lot of premium themes are built on the Genesis Framework.

Grow Your List

Email List Set-Up 101 —Email is the bread and butter of most blogs. Learn how to set up your first email list .

Build Your List 101—Now that you have your email list pick up  this amazing course to learn all about growing that email list! 

List of Blogging Resources and Courses

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