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If you’re ready to start your blog mom, read on…

I’m feeling pretty good about myself! I have FINALLY finished the Blog by Number blogging ecourse.

Even though I’ve been blogging for some time I decided put myself through the paces of this Beginning Blogging Blog by Number ecourse so I could review it and give you my thoughts. You know since I’m seasoned and all.

Do I think Blog by Number would help a new blogger? And did it help this old time blogger?

Blog by Number Beginning Blogging eCourse by Suzi Whitford

Before I begin I want to let you know that I landed upon the Blog by Number ecourse while simply looking for a schedule to organize my blogging. After finding her FREE Step by Step Monthly Blog Plan (which is also awesome by the way and a great way to dip your toe in without making a commitment) I was then a student of Suzi’s for over a year before becoming an affiliate (yes I’m an affiliate because I truly love all of her courses that I have tried and that’s all but one).

And about that blogging schedule? Well she covers that in Module 8 of this ecourse.

Blog by Number 3.0 is the Number 1 Blogging course for moms.

I review the Blog by Number eCourse. Find out if if will work for you.

My Beginning Blogging Story

But before we begin our deep dive into Blog by Number first my own blogging backstory.

I started Homemaking Organized years ago back in the olden days. Back in the dark ages of having to know html and css, which I never mastered. If you don’t know what those are don’t worry things are much easier these days and you can get by without ever knowing them…too much.

This is a snapshot of Homemaking Organized back in 2008
What Homemaking Organized looked like eons ago

I ended up learning a lot over the years and started having friends ask me for help in starting their own blogs. I’m more than happy to help but some of these friends weren’t in the same city as I and I wanted them to have what I didn’t have. I wanted them to avoid the mistakes I’ve made over the years. The hard lessons because there was nobody to show me the way.

Before I started my blog my job outside of the home required lots of computer work. So I became very comfortable making technical messes and then cleaning them up. It was part of my learning process. I know what I did wrong so I undid it and took another path. I’m willing to dive under the hood more than the average person so I have to take that into consideration when making a recommendation on the topic of blogging. Not everybody is comfortable with that.

Somewhere around 2010 I jumped into the world of Joomla. I had been looking for a way to change the content on each page of my site easily (hadn’t discovered WordPress yet) and was turned on to this content management system. It did what I needed it to but it still took a lot of hands on daily for me to get things right. And it was a complete learning curve. Which I did. So I feel a bit accomplished about that.

Homemaking Organized on the Joomla platform

After a couple of years on Joomla I discovered the wonders of WordPress and have been there ever since. It’s much easier than what I had been doing before so I didn’t have a learning curve really. But that’s just the technicalities. I spent so much time on the technical aspects of blogging that I missed the creativity. I hadn’t paid much attention to what makes a good blog post or what my readers and subscribers needed from me. So I had a big hill to climb to make up for major lost time.

Some time around 2017 I became aware of a new blogger named Suzi. She blogged about blogging and I was immediately drawn to the easy and transparent way that Suzi shared information and helped her readers to achieve similar results. It wasn’t about sharing her monthly income. She didn’t do that. She shared her little wins or her newly discovered “ahas!”. Things I could relate to.

Her blog posts came across as encouraging, helpful, and motivating. I found myself reading more and more and then I finally signed up for Suzi’s FREE Step by Step 0Monthly Blog Plan. Because remember I wanted a plan for organizing my blogging. I had a lot of learning to do.

About the Step by Step Monthly Blog Plan

Free Step by Step Monthly Blog Plan

I’ll pause here to go over the FREE Step by Step Monthly Blog Plan. This another course by Suzi and it’s completely free. It will give you a good idea of her method of teaching and a smidgen of her generosity so evident in the Blog by Number Course.

If you’re extremely brand new to the concept of blogging the FREE Step by Step Monthly Blog plan is an excellent way to start wrapping your mind around what kind of blog you want to have and where you can go with it.

The Step by Step Monthly Blog plan does not give you any technical information about blogging in the course. It’s more an exercise for helping you get an idea and focus on what you will be blogging about.

This mini FREE ecourse was like preaching to the choir for me. I was waaay past this.

HOWEVER there is a printable within this FREE course that is very helpful for being organized about your blogging once you get going. It is the Step by Step plan for gaining momentum, followers, a schedule, and eventually earnings from your blogging. I love this. I needed a plan.

In the meantime I was on Suzi’s mailing list and she regularly sent helpful tips, a look into her own blogging successes and fails, and links to Facebook lives that were super helpful.

So if you’re not ready to buy a blogging course I recommend you start with the FREE Step by Step Monthly Blog Plan to get a feel for Suzi’s style, and get your hands on the printable.

What’s Inside the Blog by Number Blogging Course

Blog by Number eCourse. The Number one blogging course for moms.

So then I ended up receiving my copy of the Blog by Number ecourse as part of a Blogging Bundle. A blessing in disguise. I was planning on buying it anyway but instead it was like I got 90 something other bonuses with it!

These kinds of blogging bundles only come around a few times a year and if blogging is part of what you do be sure and subscribe to our Blogging Tips mailing list here at Homemaking Organized.

Blog by Number is a self directed ecourse to help you get your blog up and running (successfully).

This full course includes….

  • 12 18+ video tutorial lessons along with plenty of text.
  • 140 page Blog by Number Ebook
  • Blog by Number Workbook
  • Blog Post Templates for the most important blog posts
  • 20 free and pretty stock images 300+ Stock images 500 Stock Images
  • 8,000 Blog Post Ideas!
  • 130 Blog Post Headlines
  • Branding your blog
  • A module all about Pinterest and how to use it to promote your blog
  • 480 Pinterest Groups to Join!
  • and lots of special bonus live classes etc.

Suzi offers technical help in a detailed way that is not overwhelming. She walks you through each step of setting up your new blog. Making it look pretty. Customizing it. Adding little features like a favicon (you’ll learn a bout that in the course). How to get traffic to your blog. Insider tips on writing a good blog post (soooo helpful). How to make images for your blog and social media. Different ways to make money with your blog. And templates to help you pull it all together.

She is very detailed in the technical aspects so don’t worry about how much knowledge you need to have. You do need to know how to turn on your computer and get around on the internet though. Okay maybe a few other things but Suzi really holds your hand through it all. Just like Paint by Number!

As you can see Suzi keeps improving this course. It just keeps getting better! She’s added tons more since I took it so I need to retake it.

Suzi also does mention a few outside paid resources. Update: While Suzi does mention a few paid resources I feel that she is really good about also giving you a good free option too. Usually it will be one her husband has tested. He’s blogging as well.

How to Start a Mom Blog using the Blog by Number Blogging Course. Easy and very helpful. ~Homemaking Organized #startamomblog #bloggingtips #startblogging

Lessons in the Blog by Number Blogging Course

There are 12 18 Video modules in the Blog by Number Blogging Course along with extra content and a final advance content section that contains no videos but extra tips to take your blog even further.

  1. How to take this course
  2. Your Ebook and Workbooks
  3. Why You Should Start a Blog
  4. How to Decide on the Perfect Blog Niche for You
  5. How to Create an Unforgettable Blog Name
  6. Step by Step How to Start a Blog
  7. How to set up your Professional Blog
  8. The Basics and Essentials
  9. Supercharge Your Blog with Plugins
  10. Write blog posts that work for you!
  11. How to display your blog posts
  12. Thousands of blog post ideas
  13. How to use Gutenberg Editor
  14. Final touches before launching
  15. Simple Keyword Research
  16. How to use Pinterest for traffic
  17. SEO for traffic
  18. Facebook for traffic
  19. Build your Email List
  20. Next steps
  21. Advanced techniques
  22. some extra stuff

Using the Blog by Number Blogging Course

How to Start a Mom Blog using the Blog by Number eCourse. Easy and very helpful. ~Homemaking Organized #startamomblog #bloggingtips #startblogging

Since my blog is already up and running (and has been for some time) I’m checking out Suzi’s Blog by Number in detail for a few friends who have expressed interest in starting blogs.

Based on my experience with this and other courses of Suzis Blog by Number has moved to the top of my list for courses to help you start you blogging journey.

Some things that I really like about the Blog by Number Blogging course are that…

a) First Suzi shares step by step what worked and works for her. I’m not talking about “I use this app and you should too.” But more of little techniques she tried and if they failed or not.  She talks about how she grew her email list. As a regular reader of her blog she constantly shares what she is doing and how she does it. Recently she posted a blog post on her blogging schedule with 3 small children at home. What is most impressive as that, until recently, she ran her blog alone. She recently ended up hiring a VA (because her blog was growing so fast) but she is still a DIY blogger and does much of the work herself. I’m impressed.

b) Then she doesn’t just say things like “write that blog post” she walks you through the formula of what makes a good blog post and the ingredients you need to succeed. Having trouble with topics? She helps you with that too. Types of posts to write. Where to go to get traffic. How to work with cell phone images and a lot more that I have not seen in any blogging course. It’s also very reasonably priced. Most blogging courses these days can run in the $100’s of dollars. Blog by Number is only $97 (as of the publishing of this post).

c) As you move through the course you get that she loves what she does and it shows. Suzi is really passionate about helping others (especially moms) start their blogging journey. And she’s passionate about blogging. She geeks out on it. You can’t help but feel motivated and encouraged.

d) And finally if you are a new blogger that needs hand holding this is your gal. I hear from a lot of new bloggers that they just want someone to walk them through it step by step. Don’t throw a bunch of tech words at me that I will not understand. Suzi does that. She tells you why you need or should have something and how to go about getting it and making it work. So no worries. If you’ve been needing that extra special glove touch that is missing in some of the more expensive Blogging courses it’s here in Blog by Number.

I’ve completely gone through the Blog by Number Blogging Course and as a seasoned blogger I really liked it! You can really get into a rut with blogging but Suzi has inspired me to clean up my act and make some changes. By the way did you notice my new theme?

Get Access to the Blog by Number Blogging Course

After going through this whole course I’m very happy to recommend the Blog by Number Blogging Course to my friends and to you! It is very detailed and good. I’ve been reading a lot of new bloggers make the headway that used to take us a much longer to time to achieve in a short amount of time (I’m talking about a year here not days) and I see it’s because they started with a good foundation, focus, and a plan. All things you will find in the Blog by Number Blogging Course .

Update: Due to popular demand Suzi has created a VIP All Access Pass where you can get all her courses in one bundle for a lower price. You can see all the details here >>> VIP All Access Pass

What drew me to Suzi’s brand of teaching is her method of sharing what works for her in detail, how generous she is with the information, and how she makes it so nice and simple. She has a heart for mommy bloggers and really wants you to shine.

Other blogging courses by Suzi  Whitford

Beginning Bloggers

Are you a beginning blogger and looking for what courses to start with? Start with this list here…

  • Step by Step Monthly Blog Plan: This is Suzi’s free course where you can get a small taste of her teaching style and how generous she is with information. If you have never blogged and just need to get your feet wet without commitment start here.
  • Blog by Number: The flagship ecourse for beginning bloggers. This will walk you through every step of putting together and publishing your blog with confidence and fabulous results. If you are ready to give it a go start with this ecourse.
  • Post by Number: What if you are newly blogging and floundering a bit with the writing process? This very low cost course will help you write effective blog posts using Suzi’s signature step by step style to help you bring in more traffic.

established bloggers

Never fear established bloggers. There is a whole set of courses to help you improve your writing, your email list, your affiliate earnings, and

  • Amazon Amazing Amazon Affiliates Course: Stop struggling with Amazon earnings. This course is to help you achieve sales with the Amazon affiliate program in particular. If you need help with affiliate marketing in general check out my review of Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing
  • List by Number: One of your biggest assets as a blogger is your email list. Learn how to take care of it. I will be writing a review on this ecourse but it is good and very detailed. It covers both Convert Kit and the free email program Mailerlite.
  • Printables by Number: Always wanted know how to make Printables? Suzi uses Powerpoint and Canva in this course.
  • Resource Library by Number: Now that you’ve learned to make good printables it’s time to get them to your readers. This course teaches you how to make a page on your blog and deliver your printables.
  • A Year of Newsletter Ideas  – Keep your email list growing and happy.
  • Theme by Number – How to take a simple theme and make it look more professional.
  • Ebook by Number – And here we enter the money making portion. Learn how to make your first ebook. Yaaay
  • Course by Number: This course is a bit more expensive but expect to get your return with your first launch of your course. You’ll learn how to launch and build an evergreen funnel in your first course
  • The Blog Growth Cookbook: A blogging cookbook with 208 action steps to take to grow your blog.
  • The Masterclasses – These are a series of live (they were live at the time) online classes that Suzi did in 2019. Very good. Very timely for overall strategies and growth. I took the majority of them and learned something fabulous in each one.
  • VIP Pass: If you have your eye on several Start a Mom Blog courses the VIP Pass has you covered. 7 blog and money making courses, 4 of the smaller courses and 2 ebooks.
Time saving tips, templates, and resources just for bloggers who are moms.

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