Can You Earn Money With Your Blog Posts?


How Can You Really Earn Money With Your Blog?

Earn Money with Your Blog

Earning money with your blog is the age old question isn’t it? You know it can be done because you might even know someone who is doing it. So what is the answer to the golden question?

What will it take for you to start earning from your blog?

How I Started Earning Money with My Blog

My blog is old. I mean ancient old. I started online eons ago when blogs were just an add on to your main site. Actually even before then. Blogs weren’t around when I started.  Back then it was a static site, not a blog format. I didn’t start my website to earn money but just to share.

I needed an outlet and having a website/blog was it.

I talked about homemaking. ‘Cause I love it. And people loved that! They find you because you are speaking their language. So I kept speaking.

Talking about you’re good at or what you love is Key #1 to make money with your blog. 

I wasn’t looking for a money making blog but there were things I wanted to do with my site and I needed money for that. I didn’t feel right taking from the family coffers for my little hobby (what my blog was then) so I decided that it needed to pay for itself. The Blog needed to pay for itself.

So my blog needed to make money. 

I started slowly learning from a few online marketers different ways I could make money with my blog. They helped me learn about affiliate links, article marketing, which isn’t quite the same anymore and designing my site to be a little more reader friendly. I  learned some tips and low and behold…

I was starting to earn money on my blog!

No really! I was making a decent for me amount and was very happy.

My site paid for itself! I tithed to church (not in that order), even bought some furniture for the home and paid some bills! It was great.

How to Make Money on Your Blog Today (or these days)

But alas times have changed and that was the old days. Today making money with your blog is not quite as quick and easy as it used to be.

The right tools and a good focus will do wonders for your blogging efforts.

To make money from your blog is like a formula. There are little bits and pieces of the puzzle to make it work. Some have worked out the whole puzzle. Others have bits of the puzzle.

There is no one puzzle for all bloggers. There are different ways to make money and not everyone way will work for everyone.

You can struggle and figure out the puzzle pieces or you can get help.

I struggled for a long time and then I got help.

There are ENDLESS courses to help you make money on your blog. I’ve tried several and learned bits and pieces along the way that have helped me.

Currently, my favorite ecourse for learning how to earn with your blog is Income Journey from StartaMomBlog.

Last year I was really blessed to pick up a lot of ecourses and ebooks for growing my blog. A lot of them. I’ve slowly been working through my top picks but once I discovered Income Journey I put them down so I could go through this great resource.

What I love about Suzi’s take on teaching others to make money with their blogs is that she shares her journey each step of the way. And I mean in super detail. She also shares what DID NOT WORK and why.

Income Journey is broken down by months from the beginning of Suzi’s blog Each month she tried something different and took note of her results.

In this 144 page ebook Suzi tells what she did month by month.

  • Key Points
  • What was happening in her personal life and what she focused on the blog.
  • What she sent to her email list
  • What worked
  • What didn’t work
  • Her income, traffic, and expenses report
  • Finally thoughts for the month

It’s an interesting concept but applying many of the same techniques to your own blog journey can reap similar results. I’ll let you know.

You can purchase Income Journey here => Income Journey

Just starting your blogging journey? Suzi has another product called Blog By Number where she goes through, in step by step fashion, how to start your blog.

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