July Blogging Challenge – Day 2 – Quotes

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Welcome to Day 2 of the July Blogging Challenge where we’re blogging all 31 days of July!

Today I get to share my favorite quote with you today. There are so many good quotes it is very hard to pick just one.


Okay so I haven’t really learned yet to be oh so content but I do say this to myself often.


“Have I Ever Steered You Wrong?”

~ Cleo from Clifford the Big Red Dog.

I know this show has been cancelled but when my daughter was watching it whenever Cleo says this right before doing exactly that, steering some poor puppy wrong that is, it just makes me giggle.


And last but not least (because I spend the rest of my life typing up great quotes) is a favorite of mine from Anne of Green Gables (the movie). Whenever this scene plays I giggle but nobody else does. I think it’s just so cute.


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July Blogging Challenge

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