What I Want to Tell You About Blogging

What I Want to Tell You About Blogging. Blogging tips from Homemaking Organized

Recently, I’ve had a few questions, from my friends, and others about blogging.

How to start? What does it take? And, always a hot topic, does it pay?

Mostly these are women who fall in the categories of stay at home, homeschoolers (not all), and mothers. They may have worked outside the home at one point, some carry college degrees (in subjects that translate well online), but all are looking at blogging as a way to share some knowledge and help support their families.

So…I thought I’d do a little series of posts on the topic of blogging over the next little while.

I’ll tell you a little about my thoughts on blogging.

I’ve been online a long time and as much as I do know there is still a ton I don’t know. And plenty I’m learning.

My blog didn’t start out as a blog  and it didn’t start to make money. In fact my blog started as a static website, mostly because blogging wasn’t really around back then. And it started an outlet to help me during a period of grief in my lief. I didn’t start my site to share my grief but to share something I love doing. Organizing my home life.

My friends and family knew what I loved to talk about and do but when I had worn them out with my endless dissertations on the best way to clean a bathroom to the net I took!

It’s been an interesting ride and has had it’s ups and downs. But if you’re curious as to what I think about blogging. If you should blog.  And the best places, I think, for a mom-type blogger to get help starting and maintaining her blog then … stay tuned.

Here are the topics I’ll be covering:

Know why you’re blogging
– Easy ways to generate topics ideas for your blog
– How to use and find images for your blog
– Comments on your blog
– How to grow your regular blog readership
– The importance of a mailing list and how to grow yours
– Giving yourself a break and getting help with your blogging
– Making the most of guest blogging opportunities                                                                                               – Ways to make money with your blog (always a big topic)

It’s going to be an info-packed ride and I hope you will join me.

There’s tons of great info coming your way!

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