What’s In My Purse? – July Blogging Challenge Day 7

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It’s Day 7 of the July Blogging Challenge.

I’m never early when it comes to things online so just come to expect that. I get my life done first.
Several years ago I used to clean out my purse every Friday per FlyLady instructions. This is such a good idea and at the time I was working outside the home.

Fast forward 10 – 12 years and I don’t clean out my purse as often. I also don’t carry as much in it as I used to.

The purse I choose to carry these days is a vintage Coach purse that I found in my belongings. Yes found. I have no idea where I got this. I know I picked up a smaller coach from a garage sale years ago but I sold that on eBay a long time ago. This one? I have no idea but I love it. Heavy Duty leather that lets me sling it around and stuff it full. I should probably give it some TLC but I’ll wait until my mother complains (she’s a leather artist).

Here’s my photo gallery of what I keep in my purse.

Okay and I realized after the fact that I forgot a picture of my wallet. Imagine a beat up navy blue leather wallet okay? And the phone that took the pictures.


  1.  Snack bar. Usually for my daughter who is always hungry.
  2. Lip Therapy. I use my peppermint lip balm from Hard Lotion and my go to Vaseline.
  3. A mini bottle of Lubriderm. I have dry skin….really dry skin.
  4. A mini bottle of minerals for my water when out and a sample of Source of Life Multivitamins I have yet to move to my sample box.
  5. My mini First Aid kit which includes bandaids and ginger candy for any upset tummy situations.
  6. A fold up brush and mirror that I use on my daughter. I’m always well coifed.. HA!
  7. Bee Bar Lotion. This stuff smells divine which is really why I carry it around. For the scent. It’s a nice thick hand moisturizer too but I LOVE the scent.
  8. (not pictured) Beat up navy blue wallet
  9. iPhone for taking pictures, keeping in touch with family and OHMIGOODNESS checking the internet while out and about (I’m old fashioned and still can’t get over this).


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  1. That looks like a purse that would go with alot. You made it much further than me with FlyLady. I just aim for the clean sink at night still.

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