What to Say When Asked About Working at Home

What to say when asked about working at home

What do you say when your friend asks you about working at home?

My friend and neighbor texted me this week. She needed me to help look after her sweet children while she went back to work. Our texts back and forth consisted of me assuring her that all will be well and I’ve got her back. Her texts to me were of how much she will miss her babies and how it’s time to start looking for work at home solutions.

Are you in that same boat?

It is hard. My mother was a single mother and I know full well the sacrifices she made to make sure were taken care of while doing her best to bring home the bacon.

So as I find tips to help you I will share them here.

Some Work at Home Solutions

  • Direct Sales:  A lot of stay at home mothers bring in some extra funds doing direct sales. These are things like Essential Oil Companies, Healthy Living Companies, Hair Stylers, Jewelry, Kitchen Gadgets and Makeup. The potential is there if you work hard and stay organized. The women I know doing this also have another side hustle but it is worth looking into.
  • Bloggers: This area is growing by leaps and bounds. Gone are the days when a blog was a just a little page on your main website. Now the blog is the website and the more detailed you are about what you blog about the better. If you know for sure you want to blog and you need to make it profitable then I recommend to just go straight to this course, Blog by Number. Suzi Whitford has a heart to help mommy bloggers earning a living and bring their husband’s home. Her course is well thought out and very helpful. Follow her suggestions and tips and be realistic about your goals.
  • Virtual Assistant: As blogging becomes more profitable being a Virtual Assistant is too. This person helps bloggers manage things on the back end. Emails, website updates, graphic creation, answering customer questions, social media management and more. A lot of times Virtual Assistants are also bloggers in themselves.
  • your own business
  • Crafts: Are you crafty? If so, and you know your product will sell there are a few places you can sell and make a good money. In person at Bazaars, Trade Shows, and Farmers Markets. Again selling in person is a little harder and takes some footwork. You can also sell online at places like Etsy, and Ebay, and if you create Digital Items you can sell on Hungry Jpeg and Design Bundles.
  • become a home organizing expert

Is this a topic you ould like me to explore?I’m not fabulous at it but maybe helping to point you in the right direction would be a benefit. I think I’m good at that. Helping others. It’s my “calling so to speak”.

Stay tuned….


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  1. Hi,
    I am a mom of two and I am a Virtual Assistant. Many would just say that working at home is easy. No! working at home is never easy but, with the kids they make you inspired and feel loved is the advantage of working at home.

  2. It seems like everyone wants to know how to make money blogging..like there is a magic formula. Unfortunately, there isn’t. Or at least it has been kept secret from me! Keep up the good work. Stopping by from FMF

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