Why Do You Want to Blog?


Do You Know Why You Want to Blog? I Mean Really Know?

It seems kind of like a silly question, but I would guess that many bloggers don’t know the true reason why they blog or want to blog.

As a mom blogger we can be most guilty of this. A lot of us start our blogs to share what is going on with extended family members. Our blogs may catch the eye of random strangers and then we have people other than family reading our blog. But our focus is still on what the kiddoes are doing each day and there is not much else going. We’d like to keep the momentum going but for us, the blogger, the daily topic of the kids starts to get old and we know we need a better “focus” for our blogs.

When there is no focus then your blog can begin to flounder and before long you are tired of it and it shows.

I’ve been there, done that, more than once. And I’m hoping that this blog post will help YOU dig really deep and answer to question to why do you blog. So then your blog can do big things.

For many, the road to blogging starts with the thought, “Hey, I’d like to have my own blog.” Many times they see another successful blogger and make all kinds of assumptions on how (and if) that blogger earns money, how much, and then they decide they’ll do it themselves too. But if you have no focus for that blog, one that is uniquely you, you will quickly fail.

Whether you’re just getting started or you have been blogging for a while, it pays (literally) to take a step back and really examine WHY you’re blogging to make sure you’re on the right track to deliver great content.

A good book to read is How to Blog For Profit: Without Selling Your Soulby Ruth Soukop. If you’ve lost your “focus” as a blogger Ruth can walk you through cleaning up your act or getting started on the right track to begin with.

The most successful blogs have a focus and something unique to deliver to their readers. So even if you are a mom who blogs about your adventures in motherhood or you’re a student who writes about student life, finding a key focus and unique perspective is what will help you grow a faithful audience.

Have a unique point of view, and deliver something special to your readers. It is that special something that will draw readers to you.

Now growing your audience takes time, hard work and sometimes even some money.

I’ll talk about growing your readers in a later post.

If you’ve been blogging for a while and you are thinking to yourself that you haven’t really thought focus thing, don’t worry. All is not lost. For sure it’s easier to start with a focused plan from the outset, but everything can be corrected. That is the beauty of this blogging thing, you can change and it doesn’t have to break the bank. If this describes you, start brainstorming now.

What is your unique point of view?

Why do people come to read your blog?

How will you grow your readers?

Do you want your blog to make money? How?

Write these questions on a piece of paper and just write as many answers as you can for each. Don’t worry if the ideas don’t flow quickly right now. Keep those brainstorming ideas and we’ll talk about these topics in more depth in the coming posts. Youíll

And guess what?! I’m working with you!

Want to start your blog off right? I totally recommend Building a Framework by Abby Lawson. This course will walk you through creating an awesome blog from beginning to profits. [expcontent display=”before” date=”04/05/2017″]Right now this course is part of the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit Bundle. Don’t miss this bundle! I highly recommend it for beginning and intermediate bloggers.[/expcontent]

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