31 Days to Clean. Having a Martha House the Mary Way

31 Days to Clean is popular homemaking mom, Sarah Mae’s, answer to struggling to clean your home. 31 days of advice and tips for getting your home clean.

In this day of Pinterest, blogging, and twitter we moms can tend to measure our own homes against those we see in media. Instead Sarah Mae gives you encouragement to find your own family’s happy place in a clean home that you create along with resources to make it happen.

31 Days to Clean is an ebook that goes for the extremely low price of $4.99

Each day Sarah gives you a reading on the specifics and details of a clean home. Then you are given a Mary Challenge to encourage you and a Martha Task for a cleaner home.

 31 Days to Clean Chapters

  • Day 1 – Why Clean?
  • Day 2 – Created to Give Life
  • Day 3 – 10 Ways to Give Life to Your Home
  • Day 4 – A Place to Put Your Feet Up
  • Day 5 – Priorities
  • Day 6 – The Six List
  • Day 7 – The Curse (What We’re Up Against)
  • Day 8 – Overcoming the Curse
  • Day 9 – Confronting Laziness
  • Day 10 – Feeling Overwhelmed
  • Day 11 – Limitations
  • Day 12 – The Thing We All Have in Common – Imperfection
  • Day 13 – Fighting Fatigue
  • Day 14 – The Secret to Having Energy
  • Day 15 – I’d Rather Do Anything But Clean
  • Day 16 – Willing Hands
  • Day 17 – Your Cleaning Style
  • Day 18 – Making Your Personality Work for You
  • Day 19 – Finding Joy in the Self-Disciplined Life
  • Day 20 – Time
  • Day 21 – The Importance of a Plan, by Darlene Schacht
  • Day 22 – Developing a Workable Schedule
  • Day 23 – Dealing with Distractions
  • Day 24 – Organization, by Kimba
  • Day 25 – The High-Low Cycle
  • Day 26 – Laundry
  • Day 27 – Becoming Friends with Goodwill
  • Day 28 – Who Are You Trying to Please? By Sally Clarkson
  • Day 29 – To Hire Help or Not to Hire Help?
  • Day 30 – Contentment in Your Season of Life
  • Day 31 – Balancing it All

Who is this ebook good for?

Are you struggling to find the why? in cleaning your home and the motivation to get it done? This ebook is for you. We all have days where we just can’t muster the energy or the drive to get at those homemaking tasks. This ebook is perfect for pulling out on days such as that. Most every busy mom and homemaker can get good use from this ebook.

This ebook is written by a Christian homemaker written using Biblical characters (Martha and Mary).

My Thoughts

I’m finding, increasingly, that homemaking challenges are excellent ways to turn something into a habit. I may own Homemaking Organized but I too find days that I need a nudge, a push, an encouraging word, or a motivating tip to get it done (today is one of those days).

31 Days to Clean

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