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Hi! I’m Kemi, pronounced “chem-e”. I am a Christian, wife, former foster parent, current homeschooler, mom of one little/big girl. I call her the Sweet Peanut. My husband and I have been married for 22 years and he likes to be called Daddy Big even though he is rather lean and not very big (but big in heart). We also have a kitten named Sherbert who so spoiled, naughty, and adorable.

Back in 2006 I was home recovering from a devastating loss and my sister encouraged me to start a website. Anything I could think of just to get my mind off my grief.

It’s been said before that I’m Old Fashioned or was born in the wrong era. Meh. Maybe since I enjoy reading about the past and Vintage things. Whatever the reason I started sharing those tips, as they pertain to home, online. At the time there weren’t so many homemaking sites and I figured there was a small group of women like myself who enjoyed the cares of home and reading about them so much.

So I started Homemaking Organized, which went by a different name back then, and the rest is history.

What  you will find on Homemaking Organized:

Homemaking Organized is about finding a rhythm to your life at home so that days go smoother, mealtimes are less stressful, helping you find time for your family and other pursuits.

Start by Getting Personally Organized

Then Organize Your Home

Organize Meals and Their Preparation

Find Time for Your Other Pursuits

Homemaking is about more than cleaning and organizing. It’s about creating warm loving surroundings whether just for yourself or for a whole passel of family members.

Welcome to Homemaking Organized

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