Keeping Your Home Healthy During the Winter Season

Colin Brough
Colin Brough
  • Open the windows. I know this seems like a bad idea due to the cold but get some fresh air in the house. Only about 15 minutes as you don’t want chattering teeth but after rising in the morning throw back the bed covers, open the windows and shut the door to the bedroom. Again 15 minutes will do it. Come back to a refreshed bedroom and make the bed.
  • Change your furnace filter. Many people let this go. Don’t! Change that furnace filter. They’re really cheap and when you have your heater serviced ask your technician to show you how to do it. You should change them every three months while in use.
    Get a Carbon Monoxide detector . Many people don’t realize the dangers already present in their home from space heaters, wood stoves and more. A CO detector can help avoid a disaster.
  • Dust and vacuum frequently to prevent mold and keep dust mites down.
    Now is a good time to wash those pillows and area rugs.
  • Don’t saturate your home with artificial scents. These can be irritating to some guests and in the closed in quarters of winter you don’t want that. Instead open windows to remove odors, spritz some water with a few drops of essential oil such lavendar, use an essential oil diffuser, or bake something yummy!

Have a happy healthy winter 🙂

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