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This week at 34 Weeks of Clean Michele has us cleaning out the pantry.

Can I just say that I need this particular exercise?

My pantry is probably the most worked over room in our home! It is only a few months old but already it needs serious help!

Before we moved I would complain almost daily of not having a big enough pantry. Not enough space for my haul.  The shelves were too deep. I couldn’t see what was back there. Blah, blah, blah!

Well now I have that walk in pantry I’ve always wanted and it’s a mess! It’s like I open the door, toss stuff in, and slam it shut!

I do need to get my act together and I’ve put it off for much too long. I don’t even have a pantry inventory anymore. When we moved in I had used up all our previous pantry supplies. Shame on me!

So here are some before pictures of my pantry.

See my horrid chalkboard signs on my staples bins? I tried to paint those on but the chalkboard paint wouldn’t take to the plastic. So I hopefully have a workaround for to be revealed next week.

I’m hoping to find something else to keep my aprons and brooms hung nicely. I don’t have a broom closet so they go in the pantry for now (oh woe is me).

The goal is to not go out and buy anything. Honestly I HAVE to be able to come up with SOMETHING in this house that doesn’t require me to go out and spend any money.

I don’t promise to have this all done by next Friday but I’ve already started and my goal is to find one good day to completely gut it and put things back nicely.

How about you? Are you joining us for this week’s 34 Weeks of Clean Challenge in the Pantry?

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