Organizing Checklist for Kids Bedroom

children's toysA child’s room can be one of the most challenging rooms in the house when it comes to getting organized and staying organized. With some training though, the children will actually be able to learn a system for keeping up with it themselves.  That will make your job much easier.



Start by dumping all the toys and books and whatnot (except clothing) into the middle of the room.

box Sort and categorize the toys in the middle of the room by type.

box Pull out any broken toys that are broken. If they are irreparable go ahead and throw them away. If it’s something that you can fix then put it aside for taking care of.

box Next pull out the toys that the child is too old for, and decide together what should be done with them.  If there is a younger sibling or cousin, maybe they would like to pass them on to them. If not, see if the child wants to donate the toys that are in good shape to a charity.  Children tend to very generous when you give them an opportunity to share.

box Finally what you’re left with are the current, favorite toys. Plastic storage bins are great for kids’s rooms, especially the stackable ones with drawers.  Like the ones at Ikea which are roomy with wheels in various colors. Storage bins such as these can be easily stored in a closet or under a table and brought out when the child wants to play.

box Finally, it’s time to deal with your child’s clothing.Do this at the beginning of each season.

box Start in the closet. Go through each item rung by run. As with toys toss any that are in rags.

box Pull out any that are too small and decide whether they will be passed down to a younger sibling or family member or donated.

box Next go through the dresser drawers, drawer by drawer. Do the same sorting procedure that you did with the closet.

box Finally go through your child’s shoes. Toss any really beat up ones. Pass down or donate ones that are still in good shape.


To maximize storage use under the bed storage boxes for out of season clothing. Containerize toys AND books in bins and sturdy boxes. And add a lower rod in the clothies closet to hold twice the amount of clothing..

Once the room has been organized, teach the child to keep up with it on their own, with a routine every day of putting things where they belong.

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