How to Keep Cats from Chewing on Electrical Cords

Keep Cats from chewing on electrical cords.


Is it Normal for Cats to Chew Things?

Years ago, when I had a lovable tuxedo kitty, I sat down to play my electric piano one day. And it wouldn’t turn on! I was flabbergasted. It wasn’t brand new but it wasn’t old either. Not old enough to stop working! I check to see if it was plugged in. And it was. But when I followed along the length of the electrical cord I was stunned to see that it had been cut clean through…with teeth! My calm, adult cat had decided to chew through this cord on this particular day. My piano was a couple of years old and he or his sister had ever paid any attention to our electrical cords so I hadn’t thought about protecting them.

Now almost 13 years later we have a new rambunctious kitten in the home and the first thing I thought about when he was coming was… HIDE THE ELECTRICAL CORDS.

Really! I agonized over this for weeks and never came up with a good idea. There are tons of items the market designed to make cords taste bad or what have you. I didn’t want it to be overly involved. I just wanted to keep them out of his way.

We’ve had a few close calls while I figured this out. And he did manage to chew through my daughter’s phone charging cord. Don’t worry it wasn’t plugged in. Which brings me to the next point.


Can a Cat Get Electrocuted from Chewing on an Electrical Cord

Yes unfortunately your kitty can get electrocuted from chewing on electrical cords. They can get burned and receive a nasty shock. It can affect their breathing, cause heart issues, and other unpleasant stuff. So do yourself and your cat a favor and deal with those, delectable to kitty, electrical cords.

How Can I Get my Cat to Stop Chewing on my Electrical Cords?

Cable Clip Organizer

Right when I was thinking of the best way to deal with this issue I was sent two six pack packages of Cable Clip Organizers from Blue Key World.

These are simple rubber black cord holders with an adhesive backing designed to keep your cords organized and out of the way. The main place I wanted to use them was in the bedroom on the nightstand. Both my husband and I charge our phones on our nightstands.

The way the cords hang if kitty comes in while they are charging he thinks they’re something to play with. Using the Cable Clip Organizer I am able to flatten the cord along the wall and bring it up and over the nightstand where it doesn’t hang temptingly.


So far I’ve been using these cords organizers in two places.

  1. On my nightstand. I keep my iPhone cord plugged into the socket and remove my phone in the morning. At first little kitty would see that cord dangling there and go for it. The Cord Keeper was really simple to attach to the back of the stand and it holds the cord up and flush against the nightstand. It’s out of Sherbert’s line of sight and he no longer messes with it. It also makes it easier to have ready when I plugged it in before bed.
  2. In the kitchen. This place for cord wasn’t so much about the cat but more about a disorderly cord getting out of way.

These Cable Clip Organizers are simple and easy to use. The product says it won’t damage your surfaces. This is not something I’ve tested out. I put where I wanted my Cord Keeper to go and I have no interest in moving it.

I was given this product in exchange for an honest review.

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