Prebiotic for Gut Health Created Just for Kids

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Gut Connection Kids Prebiotic Supplements by Country Life

Kids can have just as many issues with health as adults. Sluggishness, fatigue, bloating, and bathroom issues.

A lot of times these issues can be tied to gut health and digestion.

But in the same vein children are unique and have specific needs for their bodies.

You may remember a few months ago I tested out the Gut Connection Prebiotic supplements from Country Life. Well now there is Gut Connection Kids by Country Life. A unique set of Prebiotic supplements created for kids specific need in the area of gut health.

Country Life Vitamins

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The Country Life Brand started in New York as family run business back when I was a baby (woah!).

Country Life products are made in the USA and the supplements being reviewed in this post are Gluten Free.

Gut Connection Kids

Gut Connection Kids Prebiotic Supplements by Country Life

We were given four Prebiotic supplements to try which all contain Country Life’s Epicor that supports the immune system through #momsmeet.

Gut Connection kids by Country Life contains a whole food prebiotic to support the immune system and gut health.

Kids Immune Balance: This prebiotic blend includes an addition for immune balance. Comes in tablet form.

Kids Digestive Balance: Includes supplements to help digestion along with the prebiotic. Tablet form.

Kids Cognitive Balance: Includes Choline and Vitamin B12 along with the prebiotic to help kids with brain development and the connection between the nervous system and the digestive system. Tablet form.

And finally Kids Sleep Balance which includes Lactium, derived from milk, for better sleep. Lactium is used widely in Europe. This comes in a powder form.

These Gut Connection supplements are created for children but can be used up to adult by following directions for 9 to 12 year olds.

We’ve all been taking the Kids Immune Balance. I had been feeling a bit run down and a few days later my energy is up and I’m able to accomplish a bit more. Same for my daughter. She’s a few years past 12 years but it seems to have helped her overall energy.

You can purchase Gut Connections Kids by Country Life on the Country Life website. Use code: MOMS20 to save 20%.

I received this product for free from MomsMeet to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links.

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