6 Decorating Solutions for BIg Blank Walls in Bedrooms, Livinging ROoms, and Halls

I was super excited after signing on the dotted line using our shiny new to key to walk into our beautiful new home. Then I noticed something that paralyzed me Lots of Big Blank Walls in my living room, bedrooms, and hallways!

Decorating solutions for the big blank walls in your bedrooms, living rooms, and hallways. Tips to help you make the most of that valuable space.

They were all over the house. To an artist they are a shiny new canvas, but for me they were a dilemma I need to solve. Big Blank walls in almost every room (almost). We have 5 that I can think of off the top of my head that drive me crazy.

Staring at a large blank wall can cause you to feel overwhelmed and in hot pursuit of Pinterest to find wall decorating ideas. Blank walls are depressing (in my view) and say “we haven’t moved in yet”.

But when you’re coming from an apartment to your first home it can be a little daunting to think of changing things up. To imagine putting holes in your walls. Painting them anything other than stark white. Actually doing real decorating!

But you can and you should.

There are many decor ideas for blank walls that you can use to transform it into a cozy space that fits your personality.

Decor Ideas for BLank Walls

Decorate those big blank walls

There are a number of ways to bring a new look to your blank wall. It may be that you are just starting out in a new home, or that you would like to revive an old tired space, but figuring out what to do with that blank wall space can be a real challenge.

One of the biggest hurdles is how to get a look that expresses your own unique personality. By looking at the items you already have in a different way, you should be able to create a cozy family room for almost next to nothing. Below are provided a number of decorating tips which should help to turn a drab living room into a warm and friendly place for everybody to gather.

1. Photo Collage:  You’ve probably seen this in many magazines, on Pinterest, a few different blogs and your favorite tv show. Hanging a collage of photos can be done so beautifully but I’m intimidated of where to start. If you have many family photos,  framing them in similar frames and making a wall collage using the framed photos is a very nice touch.  If you still feel at a loss my friend Cass from Clutterbug has a cool video (below) to show you how to do this with DollarTree frames.

2. Mirrors: Did you know that mirrors can open up a room, draw in more light, and give your wall a finished look. I have a friend who added a big mirror to a big blank wall in the once dark living room to make the space seem bigger and lighter. This is obviously a much cheaper option than adding a new window in a dark living room. The mirror she uses is a mirror like this one. If one big mirror is not your style then several small ones can make quite a statement. Just check out this look in all of it’s DIYiness.

Mirrors on the wall in the living room help to brighten the room.
Mirrors can really help you to brighten a room.

3. Tapestries and Art: Interesting objects can also make beautiful wall art.  Hanging a large musical instrument can add a very elegant piece to your room.  A beautiful rug can also be made into a wall hanging.  Quilts and other homemade art projects can be beautiful additions to a room. My mother has made us a taspestry wall hanging at the top of our stairs. This instantly added a very stylish touch to what was once a boring landing.

4. Personalized Sayings: Make a statement with your walls. Tell what you are about. I like these LetterPress Custom wood blocks from DaySpring. I played around with them online to see what my BIG blank entry wall would look like with a meaningful saying. What do you think? Maybe an exclamation at the end?


5. Chalkboards: Okay this idea is my personal favorite. I haven’t done it yet but I have plans to add a HUGE…okay, huge chalkboard like this one, which you can get in different sizes in my kitchen. I have two blank walls in this space but I know what I want to go on one of them. I’ve also been stalking Etsy for the perfect large chalkboard.

6. Accent Wall: An accent wall is another way to change up the look of a blank wall in your home. Paint it another contrasting color to the paint on the other walls. Of course you want to hang a few things on your wall once you are done.

A blank wall can be very overwhelming.  But even if you’re not an expert, these wall decorating ideas can get you started on personalizing your space.

Encouraging Prints for your walls.
Encouraging Prints for your walls.

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