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Last week at 34 Weeks of Clean our challenge was to clean and organize our Master Bedrooms. I did accomplish this but, I’m sorry, didn’t post about it until now.

Tidying the Master Bedroom

First a Tour of My Master Bedroom

It is a soothing, serene space with pretty colors and relaxing tones. The bed is the focal point and it’s where I did the most in this room. My husband works long and hard so I created an ubber comfy bed for him to rest his head (I added a feather bed and lots of pillows).

There is not much around the room to be cluttery (is that a word?). We have two dressers, a standing valet for my husband’s suits, and my fan.

In the daytime it is flooded with light and a cool breeze from the opened window.

I have a plant I’m nurturing to be moved to this room. It used to be in the master bedroom in our former home but didn’t thrive in the north facing window. Now I have a south facing window so we’ll try again.

How I Keep Our Master Bedroom Tidy

Each day the bed is made and the sheets are freshly laundered weekly as the room itself it is dusted and vacuumed at that time also.

This is how I’ve attempted to keep our master bedrooms since we were married 18 years ago. For the most part it’s been successful. Some days there are piles of clothes from laundry I haven’t put away but I do try and tuck those baskets in the corner until I can get to them.

Our daughter loves our room and I often have to shoo her out in the evening to her own room (which you will see in coming weeks).

In the 4 moves we’ve made in our married life it’s the first room I get set up and organized. It’s not filled with luxurious furniture (in fact my husband broke one of our lamps shortly after we moved here-it was an accident) and some pieces could stand to be tended to but it’s is my favorite space.

Spring Cleaning the Master Bedroom

For this challenge  these are the deep cleaning things I did.

  • Washed the curtains (washable)
  • Dusted the blinds
  • Cleaned the window sill which manages to collect all manner of dust and dirt.
  • Washed the cover bedding (pillow shams and such)
  • Blew the dust out of my fan (should be doing this more often)

So that’s what I did to do a little spring cleaning in the master bedroom. There are some other items I want to get to later on such as washing the bed skirt and editing what’s under the bed. But that’s for another time.

Have you cleaned your Master Bedroom lately?

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  1. Your bedroom is a dream. Great job getting rid of the dust. I worked on mine and need to post about it, but it’s still a work in progress.

  2. What a beautiful and relaxing space, Kemi! Love it. Thanks for linking up!

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