Front Porch – Day 7 – 7 Days to a Cleaner Home

This entry is part 6 of 6 in the series 7 Days to a Cleaner Home
  • Sweep up in the corners and down the walls, and sweep off your porch.

7 Days Cleaner Home Front Porch

This is part 7 of the series 7 Days to a Cleaner Home This series details how I get my whole house in company order in the space of 7 days. 

So here we are at the end of 7 Days to a Cleaner Home. You’ve spent the last 6 days getting making your home look pretty on the inside and today we’re going to do a bit of spiffing up on the outside.

I’ve lived in several types of homes through the years. From small apartment buildings to apartments in homes, from townhomes to single family homes. And some days I come home, take a pause outside my door, and say “I need to fix that.”

What do you feel when you got to visit a friend or even someone you hardly know? How does that front stoop speak to you? Is it full of cobwebs? Is there dirt and grime down the side of the wall or door? Or are there lovingly tended plants? A cute display. Or even a just a tidy Welcome mat and a clean door.

Your front stoop can speak a lot to what people will find inside. First impressions matter.

So let’s tidy up the front area.

Different from all the other cleaning area of the home you will need some different tools here.

Outdoor Cleaning Tools

  • Broom
  • Microfiber Cloths
  • Small squirt of dish soap in bucket of warm water.
  • Window Cleaner
  • Pro Item: Leaf Blower

For long term cleaning check out my Housekeeping Chore Box. This system is a long term (and cute) way of keeping your home up to snuff.


Outdoor Cleaning Steps

*this does not include yard care

  • Sweep up in the corners and down the walls of your porch.
  • If you have the Leaf Blower first thing is to blow all the debris off your porch. Yeah just let it go into the yard. As long as it’s not full out trash. Which then belongs in the garbage.
  • Dip one of your microfiber cloths into your bucket of warm water and squeeze out. Use to wipe down your front door and if the walls around your door are looking icky you can wipe them too. If they are really bad you are probably in need of a pressure washer (Amazon link this is the one we have) but that’s a whole nother ball game.
  • Next, use a clean microfiber cloth and use your water/dish soap solution and scrub them up. Dry them off with a microfiber and then clean with window cleaner. Why? Because the dish soap/water (or was it water/dish soap) solution might leave streaks.

And here’s a final tip that might help you breath easier in case you are huffing and puffing to get all this done. Just in case you were inspired to do a little more than I laid out for you. And just in case all that work has stretched longer than the 6-7 days I set up for it, that’s okay. Really. Take the time you need to make your home the place you love. This is just one method of cleaning your home and something  I usually do when I can’t take it anymore (after months of neglect) or company is coming to stay overnight.

Isn’t this great! Your home is all neat and tidy.

Now why not invite some people over!


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