Organizing the Kid’s Bedrooms

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Are you following along with 34 Weeks of Clean? We're on Week 20 in the kid's and guest bedrooms now and working through the bedrooms.

This is one where, if you haven't, you should definitely get some help in doing. It's a great time to instill some clean habits in our kids and declutter spaces where we might have tossed something in and shut the door (I'm known for that).

In our home we've really taken this task to heart and things are a bit of a mess. I mean really messy. So to spare you all and your eyes I'll be waiting until next week to give the big reveal. And hopefully we'll be done.

In the meantime I thought I'd give you some sweet tips for helping your children get their rooms in nice and tidy order.

The Clutter Problem

Kids are notorious for saving stuff. Lots of stuff. Every few months I walk in my daughter's bedroom and ask her what she is willing to give away or throw away. Not much. Even the smallest piece of paper is priceless to her. She made a treasure box that to someone else would look as if it's full of rocks, string, papers and odds and ends, but each item holds meaning to her. Oh! I must break this habit before she is grown!

When I was young I took great pride in straightening my room. I still had yet to learn the meaning of actually cleaning it but I did my best to keep it as neat and tidy as possible. I think some of those skills I was working on then helped when I became an adult. Can Cleaning Your Room Help You Later in Life?


Where to Start

Since I'm assuming this clutter issue in your child's bedroom began with them let's teach them to clean up the mess. This cute Clean and Flip set from Trigger Memory walks your child step by step through cleaning their room.  You can also peruse through my Organizing Checklist for Kid's Bedroom and also 3 Tips for Controlling Clutter in your Child's Bedroom.


 Find more tips for cleaning your bedrooms at…


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  1. It sounds like a busy time cleaning out clutter from kids rooms and trying to help them understand what is worth keeping and what is worth giving away or putting in the trash.

  2. Can’t wait to see your mess, I mean new clean rooms! 😉 Thanks for linking up!

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