Cleaning and Organizing the Craft Room

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Getting the craft room in order

Craft Room Challenge

This past week, in 34 Weeks of Clean,  Michele challenged us to clean and organize our Arts and Crafts spaces. She gave us a lovely tour through her own such space and then passed on some ideas for reusing and repurposing items for organization and purpose.

In our home the craft room doubles as our homeschool room and is still a major work in progress.

This is the second craft room I’ve had in my married life so you would think I might spend some more time doing crafts than I do. I’ve done very little sewing or any other craft since moving. It could be that I’ve felt a little disorganized in this space but Michele’s challenge came right on time.

When we first moved into this house I knew exactly what I wanted to do with this space.


You can see the one window and how I first put my sewing machine by the window.

I had talked to my husband about redoing the closet to have floor to ceiling shelves instead of the clothing rod and one shelf as you see below. As you can see I had trouble organizing my surplus.



And I also talked about 2 levels of shelves on one side of the room. The side opposite the window.

As time passed I tabled those ideas. I figured they wouldn’t get done. Why? Well we’re a cash only family. The cash must be there or we can’t afford it (sans the house). With home ownership comes a whole host of other expenses which, while not necessarily unexpected, just left us feeling like we had spent enough for a while.

But hubby surprised me. And right during Michele’s Challenge!

One of the craftsmen, who originally worked on our home, came back and spent 2 days in our home putting up the shelves I had wanted. And because I let him know I wanted to do a little DIY he walked me what to do finish them off and paint them (which I haven’t gotten to yet). He also did another room in our home but I’ll leave that for later in the 34 Week’s Challenge.


Our craft/homeschool room has one window (what genius thought that up) in a rather long and room. After a few furniture arrangements I’ve come to the decision to place the sewing machine across from the window.

A set of shelves about the length or the room are placed over the sewing machine and this where I will keep the bulk of my sewing supplies. (see below)


When Fred Meyer had a sale on those great clear boxes with the white tops I purchased about 24 of them so I use those to organize all around the house. My plan is to use the labels I created on these so I will know what I have in each container.


In the closet he removed the clothing rod and added 4 shelves to the length of the closet. I do wish this closet was bigger but it is what it is. I keep all sorts of things in there and right now there is no rhyme or reason. It contains our homeschool science kit, paper crafting supplies, some paint supplies, videos (VHS) and other odds and ends. Once I figure out what goes on what shelf and I paint them I will will label them.

There is also an Ikea bookshelf on the back wall of the room. I have decided that is the best spot for this behemoth. It contains books AND arts and crafts supplies. Things we may use in the school day go here. Such as crepe paper, crayons, color pens, pompoms, beads, pipe cleaners, cotton balls, and the  list goes on.

We’re still getting a feel for the homeschool half of the room but as this is all about crafts that’s what has happened there.

Did you join us in the Craft room for 34 Weeks of Clean? Don’t forget to link up at Michele’s.


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  1. Oh dear my craft stuff is currently packed away in crates until we can get our rumpus space remodeled and I hope to have a corner designated to my crafting space!

  2. It sounds like your craft/school room just got more functional. I’ve been working on my sewing stuff and am seeing progress. I hope to finish tomorrow.

    1. Thanks Suanna. It is working much better. We’re actually able to move around and find things now. I still have to paint and do more organizing though. A little bit at a time.

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