Cleaning the Entry Way: 34 Weeks of Clean

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So this past week we were supposed to clean the Entry Way in our homes per Michele’s instructions at Family, Faith, and Fridays.

This was an easy one for me. I admit I have a really bare entry way. It’s nice and long but too dark for my liking. Our former entry way was similarly long but had windows that lit up the whole place. How nice!

We’ve been having some work completed on our home and we actually had some spots in the entry way that were getting touch up paint.

Other than that I just cleaned the baseboards. The entry way hall floor gets mopped today and the door was wiped down about 2 weeks ago. Sigh! How boring.

Well this room actually needs some decorating help but as far as cleaning it’s done.

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DIY Entry Way Ideas

Setting Up an Attractive Entrance To Your Home

Be sure and drop by Family Faith and Fridays to join in the 34 Weeks to Clean Challenge.

And! In case you haven’t picked it up yet here’s your FREE printable for this next week’s cleaning task.


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  1. Looks bright and clean. Kemi! Did you add a picture on the left? It looks nice. Thanks for linking up and for being a part of my team! LOVE YOU!!!

  2. I’m sure you feel better knowing it’s clean. Sometimes in a small room I just clean the baseboards when company is coming, because it seems to make such a difference.

  3. Your posts makes me smile. Sometimes I wonder if anyone can tell the difference when we clean!
    I *could* skip this week since we technically don’t have an entryway, just a front door, and get back to round two on the bookshelves. Alas, we have a back entry/mudroom that is in desperate need of cleaning, so I guess I’ll tackle that!

    1. Aw Carol thank you 🙂 I have been known to stop my family in the room that has been cleaned and explain to them, in detail, all the work I’ve been doing. I’m trying not to do that so much because I don’t think they appreciate it much.
      You’ll have to share your mudroom cleaning with us.

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