The Benefits of Spring Cleaning

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[I published this article back in 2012. I thought it high time to dust it off, give it a facelift, and share it once again.]

Every year as the weather begins to warm and the sun shines just a little bit longer each day the furnace gets turned off and the windows are opened. Flowers begin to peek through the ground. Birds chirp happily. And people begin to clean out the dust and debris left behind from the long winter months.

It’s been going on for years and besides the very visible benefit of having a clean home Spring Cleaning offers a number of benefits :


A clean home. Just like a gift unwrapped on your birthday a Spring Cleaned Home is clean fresh and new.

Spring Cleaning Benefits

  • You know where everything is. As you spring clean your home and dig into every nook and cranny you are able to take an inventory and put things where they belong. You can declutter by getting rid of the things you no longer use. You now have the opportunity to add space, light, and organization to your home. You also may land upon things you had long forgotten.
  • A Spring Cleaned home is free from mold, mildew, dust and bugs. These things can wreak havoc on your health. When the windows are closed all winter long your home doesn’t have the opportunity to air out. You end up recycling polluted air throughout your home until the windows are finally opened up. Okay so maybe a few bugs and a bit of dust got past you but it’s infinitely better than if you did nothing at all.
  • You’ve finally decluttered. Clutter is wrong on so many levels. Excess stuff you have no use for can cause stress gather a lot of dust and leave you feeling as if you can’t get organized.  When you remove all that stuff you feel lighter and better able to concentrate on the things that do matter.
  • Your belongings, most importantly appliances, last longer. You will save money when you clean and maintain your appliances. They will run more efficiently and you can catch any problems before they become too big and you end up having to replace the item.
  • You know what you have. When you are cleaning and going through your items you are better able to take stock of what you have and take care of it.
  • A clean home feels good. I’ve never heard of a person not wanting a clean home. It is comforting to know where things are and that they are clean.

As you Spring Clean your home this year keep in mind all of the good your are doing for your family and yourself. Saving time, money and piece of mind.

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