Editing Your Books Shelf by Shelf: 34 Weeks of Clean

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This past week Michele over at Family, Faith, and Fridays gave us the monumental chore of going through our books. Editing, cleaning shelves, and putting what's left back in order. But Michele we're homeschoolers! We have books in every room!

This was a case of having so much and not knowing where to start. But I pulled it together and then worked through as many shelves as I could one shelf at a time.

Here's my saga…

I started off in the kitchen where I keep one third of my cookbooks. Right in the kitchen I keep my Foods of the World series and some other hard about books. They look good here and I mostly read them rather than look for recipes.

I moved on to the living room where I keep Coffee Table Books, some of my piano books, and more cook books. The cookbooks I keep here are the ones I notice my guests reading. The piano books sit right next to the piano and really need a better home but I can access them easier here. I did not purging from these areas.

Then we moved up to the homeschool/craft room. We keep all kinds of books in there but this time we focused on the hopefully soon to be seating bench (sans cushion) and the children's books we keep there. I got the Sweet Peanut in on this one mainly because these are her books and because she had emptied all the bins and drug all the books to her room.  So she hauled them back, categorized them, put them in their respective bins and attached some labels I made.

Finally we worked on our big Ikea shelf. I keep supplies and some of my books there. Mostly my vintage living, crafting, homekeeping books, and a few print novels I still own. Gosh these pictures are awful. Sorry about that it's been a busy week.


Well as much as I did in the book department this past week there are still a few collections of books around the house and about 2 boxes to go through in the garage. I did happen to find some in the craft room to let go of so that was good.

Are you following along with 34 Weeks of Clean? If not join in anytime at Family, Faith, and Fridays.

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  1. I like how you used bins for your daughters books. I have a bin in my living room for board books. We emptied it and refilled it with some “new” books from the gameroom shelves. My toddlers enjoyed looking at new to them books yesterday and the old favorites are upstairs on the gameroom shelf so we can switch them out again another time. It sounds like you definitely have a lot of books. What you’ve done so far sounds like you’ve made quite a bit of progress.

  2. Monumental! haha Wow, You were not kidding when you said you had books in many rooms- I think you have me beat! 😉 However, you did a GREAT job! And I love the book basket labels! Thanks for being my partner in crime and for linking up!

    1. Oh Michele you have no idea. And this is not even half the books. Just the ones I could get through this past week! I didn’t even show my daughter’s books, just the bins we put some of them in.

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