Cleaning up a Home Space for Back to School


It may be the middle of the summer but it’s not too early to start thinking about preparing a home space for back to school. 

Our homeschool days are just around the corner and I’ve spent the last month (that would be June and July)  decluttering, redecorating, and cleaning our homeschool/ craft room. I don’t know what came over me but it’s important to have a clean space to study in. Research shows that have a clean space to study in can help you to focus better. My daughter will be starting her junior year in high school this fall and I want her to have a clean calm space she can focus in. Since we homeschool this has meant cleaning the homeschool room.

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In my homemaking advice recommend that you declutter and clean the various rooms in your

Here’s my list of how I tackled the study space in my home for back to school.

Clear: First you’ll want to clear your home study space. If you don’t have a spare room to store items while you move furniture around and declutter work on one side of the room at a time. I was able to use our spare guest room since most of our summer guests are in the friends of teen daughter variety they just bunk with her or take over the living room. Be sure to use this time to declutter. This was a great time for me to pass on some gently used Homeschool Curriculum, toys that were no longer needed, and even pass on some furniture I no longer had a need for. And don’t forget to just toss the stuff that’s straight up garbage. 

Decorate or Re-Organize: Since I’m working in the homeschool / craft room there was more moving of furniture rather than redecorating. I’m pretty happy with the furniture that we have in here. I only picked up one piece to help me in my work and shuffled the rest of the furniture around. Taking into account the different things we have going on I moved desks, bookshelves, and my crafts supplies. I did spend a bit of time on Pinterest first to see examples of other craft/school rooms and then came up with someone that works for us. 


Clean: Once the furniture is in it’s place it’s time to clean your space. You want to give the room a good cleaning before you move back your decor and supplies. Damp wipe any bookshelves before putting books back. Damp wipe desktops and vacuum out the drawers before adding items back. Dust any lamps and be sure to clean the windows. You can leave the floor to the Neato D8 and schedule it to clean up after you’re all done. It can clean up to 750 square feet of floor on a single charge. And if your student has allergies the Neato D8, with it’s high performance filter, traps up to 99% of allergens. 

Once you’ve got your children’s study space all nice and tidy be sure and set up a cleaning routine to keep it that. Don’t go it alone. Get the children and the Neato D8 involved. You can purchase a Neato D8 from

Study Space for Back to School

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