Creating a Beautiful Backyard no matter the size

I really like admiring backyards that are well loved and made beautiful no matter the size. When I was living in a townhouse I always thought I couldn’t have a dreamy backyard until I had more land.

Not true.

In my days, I’ve seen some lovely backyards created and maintained by every day people like you and me.

You don’t have to hire a landscape designer, or pay big bucks to someone else (although you can if you like) to have the backyard of your dreams.

Here are some beautiful ideas I’ve taken note of in the backyards of my friends and family.

Ideas for Backyard Privacy

In our backyard we are lacking privacy big time. Living at the bottom of a hill all our neighbors behind us can see directly into our backyard. I thought all was lost until I started noting how other people took care of this problem without breaking the bank.

There are several structures and things you can add to your backyard to gain more privacy such as

Did you realize you can also gain backyard privacy with plants? And plants in pots no less.

If you are blessed with a back patio or porch planting vines such as clematic in larger pots across the end of your porch and trellis them up stakes will break the line of sight from your neighbors and give you some privacy. You can also buy pots with the trellis already attached.

If you have a roof over your porch or patio hanging potted flowers from those will do the same thing but give you privacy from those who may be situated a little bit above you as in our case.

Flower, Flowers, and More Flowers

Flowers never fail to give you that lovely back yard you’ve been yearning for. I’ve seen minimal backyards without flowers but really flowers make a difference.

In my own backyard I like to plant perennials because I’m not big for replanting every season. My husband likes to shop for and plant new flowers so I leave those to him.

My Perennial Favorites for the Pacific Northwest

  • Tulip bulbs (I take my chances and don’t dig them up)
  • Calla Lilies (these big beauties make a statement)
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Black Eyed Susans

Backyard Decor

Finally finish off your little backyard oasis with pretty touches of garden decor that make you happy. A little water fountain, a sleepy hammock, and some outdoor string lights will really make your backyard special. Of course you can think of other items to make your backyard special. These are just a few that I personally like.

And speaking of hammocks I don’t know why having a hammock in our backyard never occurred to me before. It really should have. When I was young my father had one between two large trees in his back yard. I always thought you needed to have these big trees for hammocks but there are so many different kinds to have in your space.

Sunnzdaze has a good lineup of hammocks you can use to relax in your backyard. Have no big trees? No problem. There is a standalone hammock. And even one that fits two people!

If you have a smaller space there is a hammock chair that you sit in instead of lie down in. And you can also get a stand for it as well.

And best news? July 22nd is National Hammock Day and a perfect time to enjoy the backyard, patio, or camp with colorful hammock options. You can find some lovely ones at SunnyDaze Decor. And save 10% on Sunnydaze Hammocks & Accessories with code RELAX10 on 7/22 ONLY!

Final Thoughts

So if you haven’t made an effort to make your backyard space, no matter how big or small, a beautiful space for you here are some tips.

  • Take a look at the yards of places and people you visit. Note things that you would like to repeat in your own space.
  • Make a Pinterest board of backyard designs you love.
  • Make your changes thoughtfully. No reason to break the bank or the speed limit.
  • And by all means have fun.

Our backyard is far from complete. I can envision the end but life gets in the way and we are enjoying doing much of the work ourselves.

Happy Gardening!

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