Keeping Your Bedroom Dresser Top Clear – For a Better Night’s Sleep

Keeping Your Dresser Top Clean for a Better Night's Sleep - Homemaking Organized

Keeping Your Dresser Top Clean for a Better Night's Sleep - Homemaking Organized

Did you know it’s best to keep items to a minimum in the bedroom to help foster sleep and relaxation?

It’s true. Just try it and see. How much more relaxed you are with clean, clear spaces in your sleeping places rather than clutter as far as the eye can see.

This is easier said than done. The bedroom is also a place where we unload and a lot of times that means our pockets.

The main place that seems to be the catch all for this excess stuff is the dresser top. It can quickly become inundated with items that really should be placed elsewhere.

So let’s take action to clean up the bedroom dresser top and keep it clean for our well being.

bedroom dresser

Let’s look critically at the things you have on the dresser.

  • Do you have more than one jewelry box?
  • Do you house baskets on your dresser that are supposed to be organizing things?

If you have more than one of each of these items you need to purge the excess and keep it minimal.

Keep only the jewelry that you love in ONE jewelry box. Declutter and organize the organizing baskets. One is plenty. More than that and you are using the place for a clutter catch all.

Now let’s look at pictures. Do you keep picture frames on your bedroom dresser top? I do. How many? Try to limit how many of these you keep on your dresser top. I know it’s tempting to keep every family member as a reminder of how special these people are to you but why not put the extras in a scrapbook and only keep pictures of the immediate family members on the dresser top.

Next remove the excess clutter that doesn’t belong there. Not everything has to be out in plain sight. Use that one catchall basket for keys, phones, and spare change. Everything else, except maybe a nice plant needs to be put away elsewhere. Tuck it in those drawers or get rid of it altogether.

Finally dust and polish your dresser top. The clean smooth top will make you smile.

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