52 Weeks of Fresh Breakfast Ideas – Apple Buckwheat Pancake, Literally

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52-Weeks-Fresh-BreakfastI’m taking the bull by the horns so to speak. I haven’t been getting along with breakfast for some time and I aim to rework that this year. Join me in my quest to find 52 Fresh Breakfast Ideas that don’t leave me feeling heavy or my family still hungry. We may revisit dishes you already know or find some new favorites but my goal for 2014 is a new appreciation for breakfast.


So this past week I made pancakes again but this time from some leftover Buckwheat Pancake mix that I had on hand.

The mix is good but I prefer to make my pancakes from scratch.

So I wanted to use up my little bit of mix in the effort of being more frugal and this is what I did.

I had been reading about some Apple Oven Pancakes and that just sounded delicious. But I wasn’t ready to make the whole thing from scratch and I wanted to use up my leftover pancake mix.


How I Made Them

Using this recipe as a guideline I added a couple more eggs, some more milk, a teaspoon of baking powder, and a dash of nutmeg.

I spread some butter in and around my pan.

Sprinkled on some sugar and cinnamon.

Topped with some apples. They weren’t granny smith but I wasn’t going for perfection just something resembling.

I poured my buckwheat mixture on top and set in the oven to bake.

Instead of puffing up around the edges of the pan like regular Oven Apple Pancakes do mine sort of puffed up like a big pancake with apple slices through it.

It was still good and my daughter and I devoured it with no butter or syrup added.


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