Put Your Homemaking Binder Together – Cleaning {series} 7

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Put-Together-Home-BinderIntroductionI did a version of this series a year ago in tandem with a book review I had done on Renee Metzler’s books Total Home Makeover. You can read the review here.

I’ve since updated the series to be a simple primer on putting together your Homemaking Binder for a new and organized 2014.

I’ve added all the forms you’ll need to complete the series here in my free downloads section but if you’re ready to take it a step further and fully outfit your Homemaking Binder you can view my more feminine printables, checklists, forms, and ebooks at the shoppe.


So to help you regain some semblance of order in your home for 2014…


This is my favorite part of the Homemaking Binder.


The Cleaning Section of your Homemaking Binder is  the spot where you’ll you’ll keep cleaning schedules for your home.

How many and what type of cleaning chart you place into your Homekeeping Binder will depend upon how you like to go about cleaning your home {Okay very few ‘like’ to clean their homes but you get the idea.} so just take my suggestions and fit them into your own personal style.

For example in my home I generally have been cleaning a little bit each day of the week. This ‘usually’ works out well but with school back in session and few other appointments on my plate I have been testing out doing a big clean once a week (update: Not working. Back to a little bit each day).

Now what kinds of cleaning forms and checklists can go in this section of your Homemaking Binder?

Here’s my own list of must have forms.

  • Daily Cleaning Checklist: A list of items to clean in the home each day.
  • Weekly Cleaning Checklist: A list of things I do each day of the week to keep the home clean.
  • Weekly Cleaning checklist for each room in the home: A list of cleaning steps for each room in the home.


How do I use these forms?

Well for the Daily and Weekly checklists I like to use those forms as a to-do list. What I mean is that instead of using them for reference I like to use them to keep track of what I have done. I use a new form each week. This lets me know if I’ve missed anything AND also keeps me on my toes.

The Weekly Cleaning checklists I use as reference sheets for steps that should be done in each room to bring it to order.

Some other forms and checklists you can keep in the Cleaning Section of your Homemaking Binder

  • Spring Cleaning Lists: For the deep cleaning times in your home.
  • A list of cleaning supplies to keep on hand: Keep a list of the brands of cleaners that work best for you or….
  • Natural Cleaning Recipes: Keep a list of homemade recipes you use to clean your home.


The Cleaning Section of your binder is the area to keep on top of the upkeep of your home. Cleaning your home can quickly overtake you and become pure drudgery if you don’t take it in hand and schedule it. Don’t stress out if you miss a day and at the bare minimum do your best to keep on top of daily cleaning chores.

 Next Week an Organizing Section?…

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