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Put-Together-Home-BinderIntroductionI did a version of this series a year ago in tandem with a book review I had done on Renee Metzler’s books Total Home Makeover. You can read the review here.

I’ve since updated the series to be a simple primer on putting together your Homemaking Binder for a new and organized 2014.

I’ve added all the forms you’ll need to complete the series here in my free downloads section but if you’re ready to take it a step further and fully outfit your Homemaking Binder you can view my more feminine printables, checklists, forms, and ebooks at Well Kept Binders.


So to help you regain some semblance of order in your home for 2014…


A Section in Your Binder for Your Children:

Welcome back. I hope you had a delightful past week.  Have you been using your binder? A closed binder is no good to anyone. I’m going to keep encouraging you to find a good home for your binder where you can see it and use it.

I hope you’re getting some useful information from this series. Last week was about the Bill Keeping section. It’s so important to know what your bills are and keep track of your spending habits.

Starting with this week’s section we move to a pivotal point in our binders. You can choose to go on filling your current binder or make new ones for the upcoming topics. In the interest of simplicity I like to keep as much in one binder as possible.

This week’s section is about the children.

Once they come along they absorb so much of our time and energy with their cute selves. And even though it may feel a bit corporate managing their little lives with checklists and such does help with the chaos.

I just did a book review on the Secrets of Happy Families and many of the tips for having a more serene family were some many already do. Provide those kids with To-Do lists. As they grow let them manage more and help out in the home they also live.

Did you know that if you train ’em young your children can be a huge help in your home? Depending upon the disposition the older ones can be trained to help out more too.

When kids are young it may seem as though it’s easier to do it yourself but trust me. Go on ahead and let your child help. Patiently show them the steps. Let them help you and it will pay off.

I’m watching all of this happen with our daughter. She has always loved helping me around the house and like many I gritted my teeth and just wanted to get it done faster myself. But in some areas (I’m not perfect) I fought through the pain and patiently taught her and let her help. As the months and years go by it’s paying off. Especially in the kitchen which is her favorite spot. She is a big help and a blessing to our home. So hang in there mom.

Today we are going to make a Children’s section in our binders.

So really unless your kids are mini ceo’s a couple of forms in your Homemaking Binder devoted to them should be just perfect to keep them organized.

Chore List:

Does your child have chores? Hopefully but if not don’t freak out just start giving them a few things to do every few weeks.

Make up a simple chore list for each child.  List their simple steps during the day that are personal such as…Make Bed, Get Dressed, Brush Teeth. Add in items that benefit the household; Put Toys Away, Clear Table of own Dishes, etc. Make two printouts. Put one in your planner and post another for your child to see each day. Younger children will enjoy helping mommy take care of the home.

More information:

Put these lists in your Children’s section of your binder. It’s also a good idea to post your child’s schedule and chore list where they can see it.  Encourage and praise them for a job well done.


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