Using What You Have for Holiday Decor

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How Do You Decorate a Home for the Holidays Using What You Have?

I like my home to be welcoming and to change with the seasons. But I don’t like running to the store every season just to purchase some new home decor piece. I have enough stuff around the house without constantly adding to the clutter.

The Holidays are one of the biggest times when the stores fill up with lots of stuff to tempt us to buy.

Just because the holidays are here doesn’t mean you have to break the bank trying to impress with a new decorating scheme.
Are your most memorable holiday occasions because of the decor that surrounded you or because of the memorable moments and the special care that was taken to ensure a good time was had by all?

Your holiday get togethers will be remembered because of the special time and the thoughtfulness you put into preparing for the occasions.

But I know the desire to have a cool looking home so here are some tips to decorate your home for the holidays using what you have.

The Easiest Way to Decorate a Room for the Holidays

The easiest way to decorate a room in your home is to move things around and shop your home. For the holidays moving things around may mean digging out extra fancy items. The holidays happen during cool fall and winter weather. Think cozy, sumptuous, textured.

Maybe that small table being ignored in the corner would look good in the living room, or in your bedroom, or in the hallway with a vase on it.

  • Swap out lamp shades. Trade ones you use in your bedroom for ones you use in your living room and vice versa.
  • Use wooden chairs or small stools for little tables. Especially if you need a few extra for guests.
  • Change pictures from room to room.
  • Add some cozy throw blankets for the season.
  • Redecorate bookshelves and add some items that speak of the coming seasons.

Make your decorating efforts extra special by using the best of what you have. Don’t save that china for a time that may never come. Get it out and use it now. Dust off your wedding gifts and set them out to be enjoyed by your guests. That perfect occasion you were waiting for is now. Got something with a little gold on it? Pull it out for the holidays.

At your dining table set out your damask table cloths and napkins. Don’t have any? Don’t worry and do go out and buy any. Use what you have. Serve dinner in your finest dishes. And just because you do all this doesn’t mean it needs to be a stiff formal affair either. That afternoon cookie exchange. The small lunch for your just arrived house guests. These little touches can make them feel so special.

Make Your Home Beautiful Without Spending a lot of Money

Fresh cut flowers are expensive. But most everyone has a houseplant. Use one of your favorite houseplants for a dinner table centerpiece. Wrap a small plant with some ribbon that echoes the season. Start planning to grow some flowers for next spring that you can cut and use in your decor.

Use baskets for your home decor. Everyone has baskets. They might need a little cleaning but they can be key in changing up the look of your home.

Many years ago I was a vendor at a little farmer’s market that happened each Saturday (that was fun). Among the vendors we met was a lady making simple lovely wreaths from the fallen branches in her backyard. I forget what type of tree they were falling from but she made these simple, rustic branch wreaths that were selling like hotcakes for $50 each! And this was 20 years ago! Just a thought of what you could do with a little help from the out of doors.

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Decorate Your House with Homemade Things

Are you particularly handy with a sewing machine, nail gun, or oil paints? Never underestimate your own abilities. My mother has been slowly providing my artwork for our home’s walls. She’s an artist and does this effortlessly. I’m not that good at artistic painting but a wall? A piece of furniture? I can do that and have been slowly becoming comfortable with what I create there. What about you? What hidden talents do you possess?

Your decorating efforts can be taken care of right at home. Look at your belongings with a new eye and set things up for a special holiday occasion.

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